Thank you to ELECTRIC RADIO MAGAZINE and Ray Osterwald, N0DMS, ER Editor,
for the continuing support in publicizing the CX.


Mario, N2AK, moved from second last CX to an impressive score winning first place with 354,702 points and the highest CW score with 266,640.
Rocco, N6KN, slipped to second with a total score of 216,046 and the highest SSB score: 110,331.
Jim, W8KGI, returned to the leader board with a total score of 218,046.
Ron, K2RP, had the forth highest score, 152,094,and ther highest AM score: 16,830.

N2AK MARIO: "The winter 2012 Classic Exchange was the best of my 9 years of participating in this fun event."
K4YND DON: "Great to hear some really vintgage gear on the air."
N2BE JOHN: "What can I say about the incredible January 2012 CX event ?!?" "...classic radios were "wall-to-wall and tree-top-tall."
K2RP RON: : "As usual, lots of fun on both CX Sundays,..."
W8KZW JEFF: "Thanks for another 'blast from the past!'"Had a great time as always."
K4JYS BILL: "I managed to qualify a record number of receivers and transmitters.
W8KGI JIM: "And nothing broke down this time.  Wow!"

N6KN ROCCO: "Murphy struck hard this year. The day before the CW CX, I raised the crank-up at my California QTH. Just when it reached the top, one of the pulleys failed, and it came down fast. That was the end of that tower..."
K2RP RON: "Several equipment failures, including some spectacular sparks and smoke." K4JYS BILL: "I got off to a bad start,,,the DX-40 had a blown fuse. Later I found out that the power transformer had a short."

AB2RA JANIS: "Thanks for events like this, there is a real resurgence of interest in AM and vintage radio."

Presented to K4EJQ BUNKY for his recognition of an "Antenna Hawk" and his resolution of the problem.
here to read about his unique solution.

K9PNP MITCH: "Work and XYL's schedule conspired to cut operating hours down considerably. But, it was fun what I did get to participate."
K6FWT JIM: "Not a biggie, as family life intervened on the weekend."
Unnamed: "I completely forgot the CW session, and didn't plan ahead very far & didn't get more rigs ckd out for use."

here to read the next installment of why solid state radios are the problem and Boat Anchors are the solution to the global warning problem.


The CX Newsletter is intended for the enjoyment of CX participants and others interested in the restoration, operation and enjoyment of Classic Ham Gear. This Newsletter was prepared from materials submitted by CX participants, from on-the-air observations, QSOs, and publically posted comments on various reflectors. Editorial comments on Individual Reports are shown in [Italics]. Any errors, omissions, or insensitive comments are unintentional. Please let me know if you have suggestions on improving the Newsletter or the CX website.
Thanks and 73,
Mac, WQ8U


You can read the individual reports by clicking on the call or scrolling below the Scores Table.

N2AKMario 266,640-88.062--354,702High Total and High CW Score
N6KNRocco 104,715-110,331-3,000218,046High SSB Score
W8KGIJim 180,752-6,732-4,000191,484
K2RPRon 65,14216,83031,152-3,000116,124High AM Score
JA3KNBKazu 54,3216,82528,008-4,00093,154
N2BEJohn 43,4709,7768,025-2,00063,271
N2ATBTony 22,682-15,128-2,00039,810
K4JYSBill 31,777---1,00032,777
K3KYRJeff 25,389----25,389
WB2AWQHowie 14,099---1,00015,099
K3MDJohn 12,597----12,597
W8TMPaul 5,248-6,250--11,508
W8UTAl --5,236-2,0007,236
N8DLDenny -3,937--3,0006,927
AB2RAJanis -5,341---5,341
WQ8UMac 4,309---1,0005,309
W8KZWJeff --3,618-1,0004,618
W2JEKDonald 1,980---2,0003,980
K9PNPMitch 736---2,0002,736
K4YNDDon --1,944--1,944
K9PNPMitch 736---2,0002,736
W4BOHWilson 1,365----1,365
VE7BGPGarry 776----776
K6FWTJim ------
GW3OQKAndrew ------



The Winter 2012 Classic Exchange was the best of my 9 years of participating in this fun event. The band conditions on 40 & 80 were very nice, with no significant QRM from other contests.

I managed to qualify 36 pieces of gear for CW and 18 for SSB. I made most of my contacts on 40m, moving to 80 late in the day. I only worked a couple of 20m QSOs each weekend. I’m not sure why, but to see the upper bands weren’t being used much for CX here in NJ. No major equipment fires during the contest, but my HW-100 gave up the ghost during the SSB event. My main equipment problem is not making 3 QSOs on every piece I used. I have too much fun switching from rig to rig, that I loose track of qualifying all the radios I use! Maybe next year I’ll keep some sticky notes on the radios that are done.

By biggest partner in the contest was Tony/ N2ATB with 27 CW QSOs and 21 SSB Q’s. Paul /W8TM worked me 6 times on CW and 9 times on SSB. “WC”/W4BOH put 9 CW QSOs in my log, and I made 6 CW contacts and 2 SSB with John/N2BE . As always, Bunky/K4EJQ gave me 2 CW contacts from the great state of Tennessee.

In 1976, I started building a Hmbw pair of 811 amplifier. After 36 years of procrastination, I finally got it done for the SSB portion of CX. Wow! It was amazing to see my Atlas 210X purring along with 150W going to the antenna. Next year I’ll use it with my 1W acorn tube CW rig

To summarize, I show 120 CW QSOs with a total age of 2222 years, and 78 SSB contacts with age of 1129 years . This produced a total score of 354.7K , my best so far in CX. Hope we keep this contest alive and growing to make the sound of the boatanchors and the magic of vintage radio remain on the air.



ARC-5 Tx     Arc-5 Rx 	
Atlas 210X                              		
Central Electronics CE20			
Collins 75A4									
Drake T4XB R4A						
Drake TR4C						
HQ 129X						
HQ 170										
Hallicrafters SR-160                                                                      
Hallicrafters S-38B                                                                            
Hallicrafters S-108                                                                            
Heath DX 60B     HR10B                                                             
Heath Apache / Mohawk                                                              
Knight T-60                                                                                          		
NC-173 RCVR                                                                                 
Hmbw 1961  60W  Xmtr                              
Hmbw 5w Solid State Xcvr                                                          
SB 401 SB300                                                                                 	
Swan 270	                     		         
Swan 350	                     	                     
TenTec Omni C		         	                     
Ten Tec Corsair	                     	                     
Ten Tec Argosy		         		         
Ten Tec Scout		         		            
Yaesu FT 101F		         		         
	1007       	1215	  => Total   2222  years	

CW Score =   120  QSOs X (2222)  = 266,640


Atlas 210X				
Central Elect 20A	
Collins 75A4
Hallicrafters SR-160			                                
Hammarlund  HQ-170                                                
Swan 270				
Swan 350				
SB 401 SB300				
TenTec Omni C				
Ten Tec Corsair			
T4XB  R4A			

	504	                       625	  => Total   1129  years	

SSB SCORE 	= 78 X (1129) = 88,062

GRAND TOTAL: 266,640 + 88,062 = 354,702

Mario, N2AK
Medford, NJ

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CW Report
The Mosley PRO 57B boom was bent, but I managed to rotate it pointing ENE, and the SWR was still good on all bands (that is one tough beam). After yanking the demolished rotatable 40-m dipole/6-m Telrex, I managed to string the 40-m inverted V to one of our palm trees, and it showed a good SWR. So – this year, I was on 40 CW a lot, and had at least as much success there as anything else in the past for CW.

I worked Tom, W8TM to lead off the contest in the early morning, and then settled into a long string of western CXer's, many of whom had a pile of boatanchors on the air. Ron, K2RP, and I traded QSOs back and forth all day. His AT1 was a solid 599 here, and he managed to hear me on his S38C. I quickly qualified most of the permanent “stable” of classic stations here. I had previously reorganized the shack and fixed some of the gear that had been slowly going downhill; the NC300 and DX-100 were much improved and very easy to qualify. The Hallicrafters FPM-200 was very well behaved on 40. Somehow, Doug, KT8R (Mich), managed to hear my TR4-CW at 1722 UTC, which is just about noon his time, so 40 was pretty good after that Coronal Mass Expulsion.

The HQ-170 refused to work at all on 40, so I went to 20 with the bent Mosley and worked some of the regular crowd (including Mac, WQ8U). Back on 40 in the late afternoon, I picked up Paul, K2LMQ, with his outstanding Millen 90801 and “deluxe” Conar twins. Mark, W7ESN, had a good signal into Palos Verdes with his HB transmitter and then a Collins 310D. At 0125, I pick up Howie, WB2AWQ, to qualify my 32V-2 and R390A. Then it was out to dinner with the family for some well deserved relaxation.

Note – somehow, I missed W8KGI – I could have given him at least 20 stations' worth of contacts, and I suspect he could have matched or exceeded that. Oh, well. For a CX that started in a very disastrous way, I had a lot of fun, even with the simple 40-m inverted V at 35 feet.

CW rigs used:
Swan 500 CX;
Gonset GSB-100/R4A;
Hallicrafters FPM-200;
BW-6100/HQ 170.

SSB Report
I operated this from Littleton, CO. I had put a lot of hours into the Drake TR7A, and it proved to be the workhorse of the event. I had a lot of good audio reports on it, which was nice to hear.

I found a hole at 14,272 and spent most of the CX on that frequency. It was great to hear Al, W8UT, with his HT-32 and SX 115 (I could not reciprocate with my HT-32B and SX-115 being in Calif). John, N2BE, was copied throughout the morning and afternoon, including his mighty CE 20A and NC-173 and, later, his NCX-3. Ron, KA8UDS, had a wonderful sounding KWS-1/75A-4 combo. Bart, K8HLQ, was solid into Denver with his HT-37/75A-4. N2AK had a smooth SB-104A, and Steve, WA3ZWC matched that with his HW-104.

Wayne, KD8NC, put his TR-4 on the air, and I worked him with my own TR-4 (always nice to match up boatanchors). Craig, N9ETD, was easy copy on his TR7 (I used my TR7-A for that one). Jeramie, KC9BWK, sounded great on his homebrew 30-W transceiver. I finished off the event with very long and interesting three way with Craig, N9ETD, and Alex, K6AFS, on his Collins gold dust twins. One of these days, I will refurb my own KWS-1 in Palos Verdes.

SSB rigs used:
FT 101ZD;
Drake SSR-1 (Wadley loop special).

Total Score: 188 QSO's, 218,046 pts

Rocco "Rock" Lardiere, N6KN

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  I had a good time on the CW CX.  I suspect propagation was a little strange, because the only station in the north east/central part of the country I worked was Rich, WA1SKQ on 20 at 1038 am before we went to Mass.

   I did have two QSOs with Kazu on 15 at 1706 and 1726, although signals were very weak.  I didn't hear any other US stations working him.  I sure hope a few other guys did.  

  I did qualify 18 pairs, so my Age Multiplier was a respecable 2,288 years.  It really makes me contemplate my own age when I see that 8 of my receivers and 4 of my transmitters are age 70 or more years old.  And nothing broke down this time.  Wow! 

Gear on the air included
Receivers NC303, HRO-50R1, HQ-129x, HQ-170A, RME-70,
SX-73, R4B, 75A4, HRO-50T, NC-200, BC455, RME-69, NC-101X, HRO, SX-28, FB-7,
NC-173 and BC454, and
Transmitters Viking I, Viking II, HT-20, T-150, Apache,
Lysco 600, T4X, CE !00V, 32V3, DX-100, BC459, NTX-30, Valiant, Meissner 1940 Deluxe Signal Shifter,
Millen 90800.TBS-50D, and CBY52209.  

  I made 79 QSOs, so my CW score not counting any bonuses is 180,752.

  I was not as active on the phone portion of the CX. We got home from Mass and lunch and visiting with friends on Sunday about 3:45 p.m. 

I got on 20 from the garage shack a few minutes before 4 and raised Bill, N9FDE, on 14270 SSB.  I ran through the B&W 6100, SB-400, SSB-100, NC303, 75A3, HQ-170 and KWS-1 with him, and then made a few more contacts with Tom, W6TSJ and with John, WB8CXE.  There was no AM activity on 14286 at that point, so I went inside where I could get warm.  It was about 5 p.m., so I looked for Kazu on 21370 SSB for a few minutes, but the band seemed pretty dead and I didn't work either Kazu or anyone else. 

I had AM and SSB gear tuned up on 40 in the inside shack, but repeated CQ CX calls generated no replies.  I listened on 75, but there was only one AM QSO on the band, a couple of "good old boys," and I just couldn't get up the energy to try to break in and qualify a few more rigs.  So I just turned things off and went into the living room to chill out with Kathy and the dogs in front of the TV. 

  My SSB CX age multiplier was 374 years, and I made 18 QSO's, so my SSB score is 6,732.

  I can claim 1000 bonus points each for my Novice receiver, HRO-50, and transmitter, Home Brew 6AG7/6146 in a GC-375 tuning unit, and for a Collins receiver, 75A3 or 75A4, and a Collins transmitter, 32V3.

  So my total score is 180752 + 6732 + 4000 = 191484. 

  Whew!  Let's hope things are less eventful next fall.  Thanks for keeping the CX going,

73 and BCNU.

  Jim Hanlon, W8KGI

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Hi Mac...
Entry attached, and as usual thanks for all you do for this event.

As usual, lots of fun on  both CX Sundays, but not nearly as good a score as usual. Many excuses too: Several equipment failures, including some spectacular sparks and smoke, grandkids staying overnight before the phone Sunday. and not picked up until 2 pm!  Just started a good run with W8KGI when my next CW rig died, as did the next one, so I called in quits!

At least fixing all those rigs for the fall run will keep me out of trouble for a while!  (Anyone have a spare DX40 meter?)

Dug out my S38C and AT1 for 3 QSOs.  It was my first novice rig.

  Nice to hear all the regulars, and a bunch of new ones, too!

Mode	# QSOs	Age	Score
AM	23	810	18630
SSB	33	944	31152
CW	47	1386	65142
AT1 Nov.			1000
S38C Nov			1000
75A4			1000

Total			117,924

HW100	HW100
HW101	HW101
HW12	HW12
GSB100	Drake 2B
HW22	HW22
Swan 140Swan 140
HW32	Drake 1A
HT32	HW32
DX100	HQ170
Valiant	75A4
Viking IHQ120X
GSB100	Drake 2B
HT40	75A2
DX40	HQ129X
HT32	SX101
Valiant	75A4
AT1	S38C
HB1625	Drake 1A
DX35	S40
Globe ChfSX43
SB401	SB303
GSB100	NC109
DX20	Drake 2B
Viking I75A2

Ron K2RP

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Dear Mac San
I will respect your great work on this CX. As soon as the contest begin, I did the work on all machines with JF3RDE and JN3DRX. It was about a half and hour working with changing the order to all machines..

Next morning, I was very happy to have a two times QSO with W8KGI Jim San. And JO3TAP and JA6DOU/3 with all machines QSO (a half and hour working). JA3BAZ with all machines QSO (a half and hour working).

CX Machinery List(CW)
1.Collins 75S-3C 32S-3
2.Collins KWM-2
3.Collins 75S-1 32S-1
4.Heathkit HW-8
5.Drake C-line
6.Hammarlund HQ 100-A Heathkit DX-40
7.Drake TR-4
10.Heathkit SB-102
11.Hallicrafters SX-111 HT-37
              TOTAL YEARS:953
57 QSOs and 953 Total age of gear.
CW Score 54,321 

  The AM-SSB-FM CX was bad condition,So Nothing heard of Overseas station .

CX Machinery List(SSB)
1.Collins 75S-1 32S-1
2.Collins KWM-2
3.Collins 75S-3C 32S-3
4.Drake C-line 
5.Drake TR-4 
8.Heathkit SB-102
9.Hallicrafters SX-111 HT-37
          TOTAL YEARS:778
36 QSOs and 778 Total age of gear,
SSB Score  28,008

CX Machinery List(AM)
1.Drake C-line
2.Hammarlund HQ 100-A Heathkit DX-40
3.Drake TR-4
5.Hallicrafters SX-111 HT-37
                                                                TOTAL YEARS: 455
15 QSOs and 455 Total age of gear,
AM Score  6,825

Collins RX        75S-1
Collins TX        32S-1
  Hammarlund HQ-100-A
Heathkit DX-40

SSB 28,008
AM   6,825
TOTAL 93154

Look forward to the next CX.

Matsumura Kazuto (JA3KNB)
   575-0043 13-5 Kitade-chou
     Shijyounawate-City OSAKA JAPAN 
   TEL:072-863-6667 FAX:072-863-6668

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Hi Mac,
One of these years I will surprise you and get this stuff in early. Regretfully, not this time (HI). I hope to have my commentary mailed out in a week or so. I hope things are well for you in Hillsborough. I have been enjoying 6 meter AM (E season!) and the Olympics.

Webster's Dictionary defines "procrastination" as "a putting off to a future time". That is exactly what I have done in getting my CX results written up and sent in; despite my best attempts to be more timely, I will continue my efforts to correct this in the future. I could tell you exactly why I procrastinate so much, but as you already know, that will have to wait to a much later time (HI).

What can I say about the incredible January 2012 CX event ?!? Did you see my score ? It's way higher than my blood pressure ! Truly, on the lower frequency bands, classic radios were "wall-to-wall and tree-top-tall".

During the CW event, I caught Joel (W3ZT) sneaking around (HI) with a 1950s CIA "RT6" transmitter. Later, Joel was using a 1948 Stancor "ST-202A", and that was the second oldest transmitter that I worked during the CW celebration. The oldest transmitter worked was Rob's (K2WI) Navy "TCK" (WWII era). Roger (K1TG) was using a National FBXA receiver, which was not only the oldest receiver that I was heard on but rates as one of the earliest commercially-made, superheterodyne, communications receivers ever built. Great going, Roger!

Mac, it was great to work you again with your super sounding Drake 'Twins". Every time I have ever worked you, it was those 'Twins" doing the job at your end. Accordingly; I had always envisioned you as the "Peanuts" comic-strip character Linus; only instead of a towel, you were clinging to those two Drakes (HI). So, I was real suprised later when you "pulled a switch" and came back to me with an equally nice sounding Johnson "Navigator" and Collins "75A4" combo. I do believe, however, that while one hand was operating the CW key and "Navigator", the other one was still caressing those two Drakes (HI).

Just after 5:00 PM EDST, Tony (CT1TE) gave me a call on 40 meters. He is located near Porto, central-Portugal (on the coast) and was running a Kenwood "TS-130S". I told him I was running a Hallicrafters "HT-46" and National "NC-303". He came right back, recognizing my equipment as vintage gear. Hold him about the "CX" and gave him our website address. He seemed interested, and I hope that he joins us in the future. After all, that solid-state 'TS-13QS" is getting close to 30 years old now.

Towards the end of the CW-CX, I ran into Bunky (K4EJQ) again [another comic-strip character, Mac (HI)]. Now, QSOs with Bunky often become very interesting, and this one did not disappoint.

It seems that our fellow CXer has discovered a new breed of avian, the "Antenna Hawk" This, a creature so vile that I am loath to even mention its very existence in this highly-respected digital journal. Apparently, without provocation or remorse, this hawk has repeatedly attacked Bunky's antennas !?! Bunky, however, was determined to apply behavioral modification techniques to this beast in order to sublimate its disgusting habit. A small airplane was fashioned out of a Pepsi can and attached to one of Bunky's antenna wires, in such a manner that it could easily ride back-and-forth on it The wicked bird then immediately turned its angst upon the mobile Pepsi can and left Bunky's antennas alone.

For Bunky's cunning use of psychology/craftsmanship, and "hamgenuity", I feel honored to nominate K4EJQ for the

"Environmental Hazard Rectification" Award.

Personally, I feel that this may not be Bunky's only award in this episode. Does the hawk really prefer Pepsi ? This could lead to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign ! Coke may have the polar bears; but bears can't fly. KER-R-R-CHING.
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The FONE-CX event this past winter was absolutely astounding. The "AM Transmitter QSO Party" was held at the same time, resulting in a record number of active AMers on the bands. This is the first time ever in a CX event that the number of stations I worked on FONE was nearly the same as that worked on CW. The CW count previously was always at least twice that on FONE. IF YOU DID NOT WORK AM IN THIS CX, YOU REALLY MISSED SOMETHING SPECIAL !!!

Some of the AMers with really "over the top" signals were Steve (WA1QDC as W1E) with his homebrew MOSFET class-E transmitter; Joe (W3GMS) with his Ranger 2 and a pair of 3-500Zs; Paul (WA3V3B) with his very classic, 1946 Collins "300G" (810s + 810s mod.) broadcast transmitter; and Jack (W9GT as W9T) with his Federal "167B" marine radio transmitter (813 + 8llAs mod.). As my last QSO of the FONE event, it was a treat to work Roy (KA7NGT) out in Mineral, WA. This coast-to-coast QSO took place on 75 meter AM; his ICOM 707 with a 150 watt amplifier to my "DX-100" and "R-390" combo. It was good to see that the old "DX-100" still had enough smoke to go the DX in its name.

Mac, at this point in my scribbled dissertation, I had planned to make mention of the numerous equipment failures and Murphy-derived tribulation that I suffered during this event. I also wanted to expound on some of my experiences with two great pieces of equipment recently arriving here (e.g., "BC-779-A" and "GSB-100"). I had also hoped to snare some neat solutions to some common boatanchor problems. However, duty and the N2BE-CCC (Climate-Crap Center) mandate that I now deliver the following important update in the electro¬magnetic flux war against global warming. Please read carefully and remember that I am not responsible for anything you may read here; not because of any legal "loop-hole" but because I am just not, at all, a responsible human being.

As you already know, the solid-state revolution started to really take hold on our ham bands back in the late 1970s. This was when I first noticed the Earth wobbling on its axis; not the effects of me wobbling from cold 807s. As more- and-more hams idled their boatanchor radios and replaced them with "PFT" (Puny-Field Technology) solid-state rigs, Earth lost a valuable magnetic supplement to its collapsing magnetic field. Then came the boatanchor revolution and many old tube classics were revived and put back on-the-air. The Earth's climate then stabilized a bit, for a while.

However, this past winter's weather has me worried. I figured it would be milder than last year, but not as mild as it actually was. I now fear that the old Earth has flopped over on its axis, again. I hate when that happens. I may have to change my brand of 807s (the kind that's best cold), again. That's the first step in the long scientific process of figuring out what the heck is going on. A new "watch" is beginning (burp !).

"EMW" (Earth's Magnetic Wobble) not only effects the weather but is also responsible for "holes" in the ozone layer. That's right; and the reason we cook like a chicken on a spit now, if we don't plaster ourselves all over with an SPF-20 sunscreen first. Did you need a sunscreen in order to prevent skin cancer back in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, or 60s ? No ! The high-voltage power-supplies in boatanchor radios provided enough magnetic flux to keep the Earth's axis steady and prevent it from tracing ozone holes in the upper atmosphere. These same holes also set up the convection currents that fuel the massive storms we have been experiencing in recent years.

In my January 2011 CX report, I warned the East Coast (i.e., the "right" coast) of extreme weather to occur in late August. And what happened ? It was named hurricane Irene. Some of you fired up solid-state "PFT" rigs while your BAs stayed cold. You know who you are ! Let's not have any more of that. I don't want to be making any more dire predictions. As it now stands, I see a more minor bout of "extreme" weather shaping up to take place between mid- and late-October. I am calling it our "Halloween scare". I believe, and am hoping, that this will be only a snow-covering event limited to northern New Jersey and surrounding areas; and not an intense wind and rain event like Irene was. But beware here ! It could be much larger.

A really active September CX may help to moderate its severity. Get those "classics" ready! What ? You don't see how "EMW" can cause ozone holes ? The next time one of your BA rigs fries a component and the shack fills up with delightful, thick, acrid, and toxic smoke, take your "bang stick" (You do know what a "bang stick" is; don't you ? HINT: It is not "R"-rated), by one end and with a circular motion of the wrist, trace a rapid circle in the smoke. What happens ? A clear hole appears in the smoke. That is what happens to Earth's ozone layer when the planet's axis wobbles. "EMW" causes ozone holes; not fluorocarbons.

So get outside and put a fresh black-wrinkle coat of paint on that worn, old, steel boatanchor cabinet. It won't bother the ozone layer but will make both you and your rig feel better. Then get that rig on-the-air. The paint should be good and dry by September's CX.

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Harvey-Wells TBS-50D

National NCX-3


Johnson Adventurer

Johnson Challenger
Howard BC-779-A

Central Electronixs 20A


Hallicrafters HT-46

CW: 43,470
AM: 9,776
SSB: 8,025
BONUS: 2,000
TOTAL 63,271

Mac, here's hoping your summer has been a good one; and the fall to be even better. Thank you for being the "backbone" of the CX organization.

John N2BE

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Hi Mac,
I participated in both the CW and Phone portions of the January/February 2012 Classic Exchange.
This is the fifth time I have worked CX and I enjoyed it even more than the prior ones.
This time I ran four radios again for both the CW and Phone portions.

Kenwood TS-520S
Kenwood TS-830S
Ten-tec Argosy
Kenwood TS-440S
Total age: 244 years.

MODE	Number of QSOs	Total age	SCORE
SSB	62	              244	15,128
CW	93	              244	22,692
TOTALS	155		                37,820
NOVICE RIG	TS-520S	TS-520S	         2,000
GRAND TOTAL             		39,820

It was lots of fun and I look forward to the next CX in September 2012. Thanks for sponsoring this fine event. Attached are my log and score summary.

Tony N2ATB

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I got off to a bad start,,,theDX-40 had a blown fuse. Later I found out that the power transformer had a short. Hopefully I will have it going again, after a rewind. Otherwise, everything else worked OK.

Had a great time, as usual. Never did get to 80 meters, only made a few contacts on 20, so 40 was the main focus. I managed to qualify a record number of receivers and transmitters here… even the little CONAR twins, which pulled in a few reports of chirp, which is normal for that transmitter.

Hats off again to Mac and his helpers…

Kenwood TS-440S

Drake T4XC
Drake R4C

Globe Scout 65

Johnson Viking II


EICO 732

Collins 75S3

EICO 720

Total Age: 739 years
Total QSOs: 43
SCORE: 31,177
BONUS: 1,000 (Collins 75S3 receiver)
TOTAL 32,777


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The January CX found me a bit unprepared, with no none to blame but myself. However I had fun as usual, qualifying 9 of the ten stations I used, making a total of 34 contacts, multiplied by the 747 total years for a total of 25,398 points.

Qualified stations:
Eico 720  1958= 54 years
HQ 110C 1957= 55

Knight 150A 1963= 49
HQ 110A VHF 1965= 47

Yaesu Twins
FR-101 1970=42
FL 101 1970=42

DX 40 1958 = 54
HQ 170 1958 = 54

HW16 1967 X 2 = 90

Ten Tec C 21 1977 X 2 = 70

Knwd TS 530SP 1983 X 2 = 58

HW 8 1976 X 2 = 72

TT Corsiar 1982 X 2 = 60

Not qualified:
Heath AT-1 and HE 80 rx (only one qso)

Thanks for all the work you put into these events.

Jeff k3kyr

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Howdy CXers!
The Winter ’12 CW CX brought spotty propagation conditions to the west coast, at least during my operating time, which was limited by family obligations. I didn’t get started until 2200Z running a Heath SB-102, and not unexpectedly, my first contact (20 meters) was with Jim W8KGI, who unloaded four different rigs on me before we were through.

CX activity at that time was a bit quiet, so I jumped quickly to 15 meters, and did pick up one contact, WA0FDV, John in ND. No other CX ers were heard on 15. Back to 20, with still not much going on, so I went to 40, and worked several stations before switching to the Swan 350, which as promised in the last CX writeup, was repaired and running full tilt. Besides some good 40M QSOs I also bagged Argentina on 20M with it.

Eventually, I fired up my favorite, the beautiful GO-9 with its 803 final and over 120 watts out, paired first with my ORIGINAL Novice RX, a BC-348Q on 40, and then my third generation HRO vintage 1938 on 80. Stayed on 80 for the duration, bringing a Viking Invader and SX-101A on line, followed by a Viking Navigator and NC-125.

I did get into NJ on 80, a nice haul for my antenna. Hung up the spurs around 0700Z as things got REALLY quiet.

Still working with the low/hidden antennas, an 80M dipole just 7 ft high, 20, 15, and 10 M vertical wires (#28 magnet wire) hidden in a small tree, and a random wire thrown up over the roof of the house, about 76 ft long overall, which tunes nicely on 40 20 and 15 meters. The stucco siding hurts that one a bit, but enough is away from the siding so it gets out pretty well considering its phenomenal 18 ft maximum height.

Kudos to Paul K2LMQ, running the Conar twins #400 and #50 – you rarely hear them both in operation – and Mark W7ESN who was running a 30 watt HB TX and a HB RX. And to Jim W8KGI who can fill spaces in your log quicker than my dog takes the warm spot on the bed when I get up. I’ll be he’s in the top two AGAIN….

Gotta go dust off some of the HB 1929 Hartley stuff now for those new bonus points!

Heath SB-102
Swan 350
Viking Invader
Viking Navigator

23 band/rig QSOs
times 613 CX years = 14099 plus 1000 for Novice RX = 15,099

See ya all in September!

Howie WB2AWQ/7

PS Thought you’d enjoy seeing one of my BA rigs in Field Day action – photo shows me and son Ken KB2SFS.
The SB-102 I’m using made 400 QSOs between 80 and 15 meters this June from Mount Rose near Lake Tahoe. Note also the vintage ‘phones.
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AC 1-T 6AU6 oscillator stage blew Saturday – too chirpy to put on!

Lots of fun!

Worked two ARC-5 sets!

IC 765
Drake 2C
Home Brew 6AQ5

CW Only
QSOs : 39
AGE: 323

John K3MD

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Conditions for this Classic Exchange were greatly improved over last fall, as reflected in my QSO counts, which were good but not record-setting.  Thanks to those with lots of gear who repeatedly answered my CQs, particularly on 40.

There is one QSO in my CW log that I did not count for CX score because I didn't get rig info.  That QSO was with XE1CR, and I must admit that my command of Spanish doesn't extend to the word for "rig," especially on 40 CW.  So I logged him but didn't count him in my score.

For this CX my equipment was as usual an SB-301 receiver (built by me in 1967), SB-401 transmitter (likewise in 1974) and an inverted vee fed with ladder line.  My antenna has been lengthened somewhat since the last CX, to improve its performance on 80 meters.  The SB-301 is 44 years old and the SB-401 is 38 years old, for a total age of 82 years. 

I am really pleased that no significant maintenance has been necessary on the old Heathkits.  They were in regular use until 2008, a s they were my only sideband rigs until then.  Now they are used only occasionally, and I have expected them to develop new problems.  But that hasn't happened, thanks to the exercise they get during the semiannual Classic Exchanges.

My logs are attached, one for each mode.  My score grid follows.

Mode    No. of QSOs    Total gear age    Score
SSB         80              82           6,560
CW          64              82           5,248
Totals     144                          11,808

I had no bonus points.

Paul W8TM

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Hi Mac,
    Well, I finally put it together and remembered to send it to you.  I completely forgot the CW session, and didn't plan ahead very far & didn't get more rigs ckd out for use.

W8UT 2012 SSB Classic Exchange log

My rig Date Freq. Mode Time Stn Name State His rig
My rig: TR-4Cw 2/12/12 7.2 SSB
1420z W8TM Paul OH SB301/401
1427 N2AK Dee NJ T-TCorsair
1435 N2BE John NJ NCX-3
1438 N2AK Dee NJ SB-104A
1439 N2BE John NJ HT46/NX303

My rig: HT32/SX115 14.2 SSB
1501 N6KN Rocco CO TR7A
1516 W1AJW George MA SB300/401
1902 K9EID Bob IL HT37/75A4
1906 NB9M Brad IN SW500
1914 KJ4RCU Phil NC TR3
1917 N4HZ Roger KY SB102
1928 WB0KZB Jim MN SB102
1931 WA5IGG Adolph TX TR4
1933 WB4BPS Vince AL KWM2Aj

My rig:KWM-2A 2/13/12 3.8 SSB
0035 N2ATB Tony NJ TS440S
0044 K1VIJ Wayne CT 32S3/2S3
0047 W8TM Paul OH SB301/401

My rigs:
TR-4C 1964, age 2x(2012-1964)=2x48 = 96
HT-32 2012-1957 = 55
SX-115 2012-1961 = 51
KWM-2A 2x(2012-1959) = 2x53 = 106

TOTAL age = 308
TOTAL QSO’s = 17
BASE score = 5236
plus Collins bonus of 2000
Final Score 7,236

Al, W8UT
"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats" Ratty, to Mole

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I was not very active for the January 2012 CX. All AM QSOs.


BC-342 M

Viking Ranger II
BC348 N

AGE: 357 years
QSOs: 11
SCORE: 3,927
BONUS: 3,000

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I started CX with my old reliable friends the Drake Twins (T-4X and R-4A). Hoping that the sunspots were doing something for us, I began on 10 meters. The local noise floor was very high with CW signals just getting over it. Not what I was hoping to find. On 15 meters there were no CXers to be found but there were some W7’s working into Europe and North Africa. Next I moved to 20 meters hoping for better hunting. Not to be found. There was a French contest going on and lots of Europeans but again no CXers.

Not to be discouraged I moved onto 40 meters where there was significant CX activity. My first QSO was with W8TM, Paul, from my old stomping grounds in Cincinnati where he said they were have unusually nice weather for January. Paul has been using the same Heathkit SB-301 and SB-401 for years now in the CX and they always sound good.

Next found was a nearby North Carolinian , W4BOH Wilson. I don’t understand it, he has a basement full of great old gear, some in wood racks, but he operates CX with a TS-450. Still great to work him in CX with his astute observations and comments. Some of the N.J. regulars showed up next – N2BE John and N2AK Mario. Both commented that this was really a good CX; Mario said it was the best he could remember! I have to agree with them. K4JYS Bill another N.C. regular chimed in saying he was having fun and my signal was really loud – guess his Drake 2B works great HiHI.

Regular K3MD John appeared with a good sounding old HT-37. A number of QSOs later I found K4EJQ Bunky, a frequent CX participant who always has interesting rigs. He was operating an old Heathkit AT-1 (had one when I was a novice) with a VF-1 (didn’t have one of those, darnit) and an NC-183. All great gear. Bunky commented that he has too much gear and so little time. .

The 40 meter band began fading after dinner so I checked 10, 15 and 20 again. Only activity was K6NK Rocco on 20 but he was doing great running rigs with anyone he could find. He ran smoothly through three station pairs with me, all fine BAs including an HT-32B and a GSB-100. .

I moved back to 40 meters hoping to get my Johnson Navigator and 75A-4 pair qualified. There was W4EQJ Bunky again, this time with a home brew 6L6 rig. Bunky reminded me that the Navigator transmitters are somewhat scarce and perhaps I should keep mine in a bank vault between CX contests. Hummmm. .

My QSK system began acting up such that it would not allow me to send CW with the old Vibroplex so I switched to the J-38. Thanks to everyone for not suggesting I QLF (Quit sending with Left Foot). Had a short rag chew with N2BE who was trying to understand gun shot type noises coming from his VFO which only worked intermittently. My motto is “If it works sometimes that may be the best it is going to do for you now.” Apparently that is John’s too.

The evening ended with a number of futile calls to my old friend W8KGI Jim. I could hear his Meissner Signal Shifter (Drifter?) and his Millen 9088 just fine but guess his old HRO just couldn’t dig out the little signal from my Navigator. .

I had a very good time this CX. It was great chatting with folks. It was a treat to work the regulars and some new comers and hear all the old gear on again. I have to give Bunky the award for seeming to be everywhere.

Hopefully in the September CX I will have the QSK problem solved and some more rigs ready to go. Until then, 73.

Mac WQ8U

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Thanks so much for organizing this event.

There are some “big guns” taking interest in it, and that’s great! Heard KC2UFU on backscatter on 20 meters but I also heard WX3K plugging away with her Ranger.

I have been off AM for a while, but just gott a Valiant running in time for the party.

Thanks for events like this, there is a real resurgence of interest in AM and vintage radio.

Keep up the good work!

Here’s my check log.

many qsos in Sun Aft AM net
QSOs: 49
Rig Ages: 109

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Mac -
  Thanks for another "blast from the past"!

  I put my 75S-3C in line just to get the bonus points!  Had a great time as always.

  Maybe one day I'll do it right and run all the vintage stuff for a better multiplier, and work more hours for more contacts.
  Someday ......

Rigs used:

Central Electronics 100V
Collins 75S-3C

SSB	18	201	 3,618 
Collins Bonus (75S-3C)	 1,000 
TOTAL SCORE		 4,618 


To see pictures of Jeff's rigs, visit his web site:

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Dear Mac,
Here is my entry for the January 2012 Classic Exchange. I only participated in the CW section.

Fixed the Ranger VFO. Found after removing VFO cover that the tuning capacitor didn’t turn when turning the dial. Turned out to be a loose set screw on shaft coupling accessed through hole in the chassis.

Harvey-Wells TBS-50 C
Drake 2B
Ranger 1

QSOs: 9
AGES: 220

Score: 1,980
Bonus: 2,000 Novice Rig – TBS-50C and S-76


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Here are my CX results. Work and XYL's schedule conspired to cut operating hours down considerably. But, it was fun what I did get to participate. Having the AM Transmitter Rally the same weekend was interesting, since all the rig info in the exchange required there was transmitter. Never did get N2AK's receiver info out of him.

You will note that I didn't count the QSO with K6KN, since that was the only one I had on the TS-530S [my MOST MODERN rig] so I couldn't qualify the rig. I left it in the spreadsheet lined through as a check log entry for Rocco.

Didn't even get a chance to fire up the AF-68/PMR-8, or the homebrew receiver, or the WWII Command Set.

Maybe in September.

AM	3	104	312
SSB	4	106	424
TOTAL	7		736
COLLINS	32S-1	75S-1	2000
TOTAL			2736

SSB	COLLINS	32S-1	1959
	COLLINS	75S-1	1959

Mitch K9PNP

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Rig used: TS-450
QSOs: 65
AGE: 26
SCORE: 1,690

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I did not have a lot of time for this CX Contest; a Training Exercise came up for the Phone Portion so I only had a few hours to spend on CW using my DX-60B and HR-10B Heathkit gear.

I put another rig on the air but low bands were poor when I listened 40 was dead & 80 had bad Noise Levels.

SCORE: DX-60B 45 yrs HR-10B 45 yrs 90 X 7 qso's = 630

Gerry VE7BGP

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Not a biggie, as family life intervened on the weekend.
No-one out west on 3880 AM but me Sunday night. Plenty activity on 3870 though, condx were great, had several regular QSO's there instead w/the Globe Scout 680-A!

  I'll have a BC-375E, TCS-8 and the Globe Scout 680A ready to roll next time. The TCS-8 is built by Stewart Warner - Still count as a "Collins", hihi?

  Attached are my two QSO's w/other Classics, and a photo of my Swan. It's the backbone of my station and gets regular use.
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Hello Mac
I listened frequently but never heard any CQ CX at all. Was hoping for chance to use my old gear which was all warmed up nicely. Perhaps I should enter for the lowest score certificate.

Here I am QRV for Kazu or any others. Nothing heard of you Kazu. Condx no good at all. Even Europeans are very weak. There's a naval contest so I will try for some qsos later. QTH is Swansea, South Wales. 

Most of the gear is naval so I could put on my old Merchant Navy uniform in its honour.
Click to see picture of Andrew.

Andrew GW3OQK

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Here is my modest effort. Thanks to Mario N2AK who told me about this. Great to hear some really vintage gear on the air.

  I used a TS-520SE - 1980  , A Heathkit HW-7-1972, and A HW-8 1976.

  I made 9 contacts so I believe my score is   9* 216 yrs or 1,944

Here is a picture of my setup for the contest ( TS-520SE not shown. it is on another desk)

  My best moment was using the the HW-7 with a crystal.

  See you next year. I hope to have added some more vintage gear by then


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