W4BOH Pictures JANUARY 2014


Wilson relaxing in the operating position of the Land Of Magic.

LOTS of work for CX this time. All four racks operative but grey one (PP V70Ds) not used in CX.

It is the policy in the land of magic to build with materials on hand. After all, I have probably saved them for decades, in case I need this! I do not know why I had the real estate sign, but it was big enough to cover the bottom of the amp and easily cut with my sabre saw. Fifteen minutes well spent.

The new amp christened just in time for this CX. Started in 1958, when I was a teenager. The little 4-125As are sweet tubes and can do 1200W on CW. The 1936 QSTs I’ve been reading lately say link coupling is best for harmonic reduction, especially when Faraday shielded links are used.

Wayne, KJ4GDW, brought his nifty Chinese spectrum analyzer and we found the amp is clean and meets spec for spurious radiation! Second harmonic at minus 52dB, third at minus 62dB. We also found that the Signal Shifters DO NOT. They should never go on the air without a good tuner! This proves that modern test equipment can be used with boatanchors!