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Thanks and 73,
Mac, WQ8U



Mac, It’s Monday, September 25 as I write this, the “morning after,” and I have survived Phone Sunday of the fall CX. It was a very good idea to split the phone and CW sections of the contest, it will make getting on both modes much easier, and it should avoid that terrible RTTY QRM for the CW section next week.

I had a good time operating AM. Most of the guys I worked were just regular AM’ers, some of whom were aware of the CX. There were not as many “CX regulars” heard out here, so it was a good opportunity to spread the word and get some more folks interested.

I tried calling on 20 about 11 a.m. local (MDST) time, but no one was around, so I left the comfort of the “inside shack” and went out to the garage where I had gear tuned up on 7290. The usual 40 meter bunch was there, including W8QBG, NA7RH, W0OGH, AE8O, W7MD, and W6OQQ, so for a while I was able to participate in the roundtable, changing transmitters and receivers on each turn. The biggest problem I had was changing my three, functional mikes around between the transmitters. I managed to twist the Amphenol chassis connector clear off the HT-20, and I wound up connecting the D-104 to it with clip leads! I should also have paid attention to that smoky smell that was developing, because when I had my sixth pair on, the power to the HT-20 started to fade and finally it and quite a bit of my other gear including my common power supply and keyer lost 120 ac and put me completely off the air. I opened the garage door to get some fresh air and then went looking for the source. It turned out to be an old isolation transformer that was feeding power to a Heathkit power strip. I use an isolation transformer to make peace with the ground-fault breaker that supplies power to the garage, sometimes the leakage in all that old gear doesn’t agree with it. But I got lucky when I just plugged the power strip directly into the line and the breaker held, and I was able to continue with my 40 meter contacts. I had 11 transmitters going on AM in the garage, so I was planning on using my 11 good superhet receivers with them. But the SX28A went deaf (maybe that antenna cable again?), so I just switched on the SW-3 and doggone if it didn’t do a great job of copying all of the AM’ers with its regeneration control set just below the point of oscillation. I am continually amazed at how well some of this ancient gear really can operate.

After I had gotten all of the gear in the garage on the air, I came back inside and tried 20 again. There was a bunch of ssb QRM around 14286, but there were also some AM signals on the air and I managed to work K8GM, W9AD, KL7OF, AA4RM and W1LYD/VY1 (in the Yukon Territory! “On King, on you huskies!”). I had three pairs on 20. My old reliable DX-100 was heard with no trouble of course, but guys were also able to actually copy the 10 watts or so output of my Harvey Wells Bandmaster TBS50D and of my Elmac A54. I was using that HP scope we found a couple of years ago in Dayton to watch the modulation on all of the rigs, and even the A54 with a T-17 mike was doing a fairly decent job. After exhausting 20 I listened up on 75. There were a couple of AM’ers up on 3880, but between the rapid QSB and the really bad SSB QRM I wasn’t able to make myself heard. So I just decided to take a break. I took the puppies, now 1 year old and weighing about 65 pounds each, for a nice, two and a half mile walk. And then Kathy and I shared some dinner and talked about the Ohio State Buckeyes and their performance against Penn State on Saturday afternoon for a while.

After dinner I tried 75 again and it was in better shape. I worked KC9VF, K5RHK, WB5BZO, W5KGZ using my Valiant and HRO-50, and W5BWP with the 32V3 and SX-28. Then Chuck, WA0ZHH and Bob, W2ZM, showed up with their beautiful signals and dominated 3880, driving off the remaining SSB QRM. I worked them and also Marty again, AA4RM, and Tony KC6BSJ, qualifying the Collins and Hallicrafters gear and also my 30 watt, National NTX-30/NSM and NC-173 pair. I rounded out the evening with the HRO paired with all of the above transmitters and talked to NA7RH from the 40 meter gang again and also to WA6JUS and WA6HCF from California.

At that point, nearing 11 o’clock, I hung up the phones and went out to the garage to get big, sloppy kisses from the pups and to put them to bed in their kennel.

This week I have a few repairs to make – par for the course after a CX. And then it’s on to the CW session next Sunday. Hope to work WQ8U on that one.

Mac, Well it’s now Monday, October 2, the day after the CW CX. I had a good time yesterday as well, although 80 meters later in the evening was nearly dead. At least it got me to bed at a decent hour.

This CX, instead of capturing one guy at a time and doing a “rig run” where I would work him all at once with all of the transmitters and receivers I had available on that band, I took a different tack. I put on one transmitter and receiver at a time and made three QSO’s with them and then I switched to my next pair. That way, even through my score didn’t turn out to be quite as high, I got to talk to a lot more different guys.

We got home from Church and breakfast, which included Annalee and Jim Mueller, KG0BY, who had come down from Fort Collins, Colorado to visit New Mexico, a little after 11. I was out in the garage and on twenty by 11:30 and started off well by talking to Marty, AA4RM with his G76. Most of my gear held up pretty well. The RME70 was deaf, I think one of the IF tubes has a bum socket, but everything else was working well, so I managed to qualify 9 receivers and 8 transmitters and to talk to 13 different guys in 28 QSO’s. I switched to 40 using the “inside shack” about 4:15, and things were hopping down there. I worked 17 different guys and had 35 QSO’s, getting 11 receivers and 8 transmitters qualified. I would have gotten more transmitters on, but in the middle of my third QSO with the TBS 50 my 300 volt common power supply quit, putting the Bandmaster off the air and also the BC457 and Elmac A54 which were next in line. One of the more interesting 40 meter QSO’s was with Niel, W0VLZ, who was running a genuine Thordarson 100 transmitter and a National NC81X receiver, quite a good boatanchor pair!

Around 8:30 I quit for some much needed nutrition, and got back on 80 again out in the garage a little after 9. There were several signals around 3545 but not many CXers, and I managed to work only 6 different guys in 9 QSO’s in the next hour and a half. I qualified one more receiver and three transmitters on 80, leaving one receiver and 9 more transmitters on the shelf unused.

So it was a good time, it left me with a few repairs to make as usual, and there is always next February to look forward to.


Jim Hanlon, W8KGI

CW Statistics:

Transmitters qualified on CW: AF67, apache, AF68, HT-20, Viking II, Knight T150, DX20, DX60, Central Electronics 100V, DX100, 32V3, Valiant, 1941 Meissner Signal Shifter, Millen 90800, T4X, National NTX-30, Viking I, Globe King 275, globe Scout 680. On but not qualified: Adventurer, Lysco 600, TBS50 Bandmaster.

Receivers qualified on CW: NC303, SX28A, HRO5TA1, HRO50R1, 75A3, HQ170A, BC348R, SX43, SX73, HQ239X, HRO50, NC200, 75A4, SX28, HRO, NC101X, R4B, FB7, RME69, BC455, NC173

Total Age multiplier 2243 years, total number of CW QSO’s 72.

CW Score 72 x 2243 = 161,496

Total CW and AM score 161,496 + 163,180 = 324,676

  Jim Hanlon, W8KGI 


N6KN Rocco


Here is my report for the September "event." I really like the dates and splitting up the two weekends into two Sundays of fun. For once, I felt I was not robbing Peter to pay Paul by staying on SSB into the evening, and I could really concentrate on the CW crowd. This format gets my "thumbs up."

Pre CX: I spent the month before the CX trying to repair my brother-in-law's S Line, KWM-2, and SX-117. My brother in law is from Seatlle, and I offered to put his E Bay specials on the bench - turned out they desperately needed work - all of them. So did my own 32S-1, which I hauled out for comparison troubleshooting. All of those were completed and were used for this CX. Not so for the Hallicrafters Hurricane that I desperately tried to finish for the phone weekend - just not enough time, and I did not want to rush the HV supply rebuild (there is a skull and crossbones on the schematic - no kidding). I spent Sept 23 replacing my 40 m antenna with a full size rotary dipole and put up a better 80 m dipole under it. Both really worked great for CX.

Phone/SSB weekend: The Texas QSO party folks were out in force. This has good and bad aspects - there was plenty of SSB QRM from the TQP crowd, but on the other hand, I worked a LOT of Texas stations in this CX. When they got tired of running in the QSO party, they were happy to take a break and yak about old radios. I began to make QSO's around 1400Z, when 20 opened up. 14.270 was busy most of the day, so I just found holes in the ether each side of the SSB frequency and kept calling CQ Classic Radios. There were a LOT of people looking for CX activity - I have found that pointing the yagi east and just calling CQ will reliably scare up a long list of interesting QSOs and radios to talk about. K8GM was in the log with S Lines and also with a barefoot Ranger on AM, just to show it CAN be done, even through the QRM. Gary, W6UH called in and gave me detailed audio reports on several of my vintage SSB transceivers, which was fun. There were a lot of Swans out there this year. Of course, I qualified my Swan 500 CX; how can I not use that rig for this event? Ron W6QM was on frequency with his Hurricane, just to demonstrate what they can do when they are working. Al, W8UT sounded great on his HT-32 (what an underrated transmitter - really wonderful boatanchors). K5YLT was using a modified Knight T150 on SSB. How he did that is a mystery for me - but it sounded great.

Finally moved to 40 m at 2330. Ran into Damon, W7MD, with his big signal and tons of equipment on 7280. We traded stories for a while with strong signals both directions. Finally gave up at 0042 and spent some quality time with the family.

CW weekend: Conditions were pretty terrible, especially on 20. There were very few stations operating at all, and QSB was very deep. However - CW gets through when nothing else does. I put 70 CX CW qso's in the log without too much strain. Worked a lot of CX regulars. Started on 40 CW at 1300. 7030 through 7080 were covered with OTH Radar at S9 plus. I managed to pull a few midwestern stations out of the interference and learned later that others had heard me and were calling. Sorry - those radar signals (Woodpecker II) were bad news. Moved to 14045 at 1600 and worked a long list of boatanchors. Notable signals included: Marty with his Gonset G76 (award for most unstable signal); John KU4AF with his "musical note" modified DX 60B; Rob K2WI's Navy TCK/RBC combo (strong sig); Perry WW2LST's marine mobile 1942 Navy TX on the Ohio River; and Tom W4YOK's powerful Viking Adventurer, surely the best signal ever from one of those things. XE1HSW called in with 599 signals both ways. Marty AA4RM and I managed to exchange reports between our KWM-1's. Those who know these rigs on CW know that is not easy. On 40 CW, the new rotary dipole worked great. Interesting signals: W4NTI's Heath HX-11; Al W8UT's HX-500 (no relation to HX-11); TWO powerful Adventurer signals from W4YOK and John N2BE; and Tom K6LQI's usual rock crushing modified ARC-5. W8KGI and I worked each other many times, including my one and only 80 m QSO.

Had lot's of fun and do like the two weekend format - it's more relaxing and friendly.


Rocco N6KN

73 from Rocco N6KN
Owner-Operator of Way Too Many Old Radios

See you next CX,
Rocco, N6KN


K3MSB Mark

Hi Mac –

Didn’t think I’d make the fall festivities, but managed a few hours of operations.

Sunday afternoon I started out on 20M with my B&W 5100B and Hallicrafters SX-101A. The first CQ netted Rocco N6KN running his Collins 32S1 and 75S3. Afterwards I picked up Tom W4YOK running his Johnson Adventurer and Drake R4B and Kenny K5KS sounding FB OM with his Heathkit HX-10 and National NC-303. Next up was Mike AC5P running a Ten Tec Delta 2 transceiver. This was the first time I’ve ever worked a Delta 2.

Rocco and I got together again to exchange info while he was running his Drake TR-7A. The next QSO was a treat as I had the privilege of working Howie W7HQC running a T4XB and a homebrew 11 tube receiver!! Always great to hear some HB stuff on the air, but I typically don’t hear them on 20M. Len K8GM checked in next with his Collins 32S3 and 75S3. Right on his heels was (drum roll…) Rocco for a chat using his Hallicrafters SR-150.

Tom K6AA and I then had a nice QSO; he was running an IC-756 but was enjoying talking to all the “great sounding tube gear” on the air!! Jim W8KGI and I did a double QSO with his Johnson Adventurer and Hallicrafters SX-73 followed by his Lysco 600 and Hallicrafters SX-73. Rounding out my 20M ops was (yet again) N6KN with his Johnson Valiant and Collins 75A4.

I got on 40M later Sunday evening with my 5100B and my “Red Letter” Hammarlund HQ-129-X. W8KGI and I once again did a duet with his NTX-30 and RME-69 followed by his Drake T4X and R4B.

I finished out the CX with a chat with Miles W0VLZ. Once again, I worked a piece of grand old gear that I’d never even heard of before – a Thordarson 100 transmitter. Copy was rough but we did it. Miles had his National NC-81X joined up with the Thordarson 100.

I tried to get on 80M with my BC-348 but twas not to be. I zapped my power supply and after some impromptu repairs found I couldn’t hear the VFO spot. Well, maybe next time….

I’m looking forward to the February 2007 edition of the Classic Exchange.

73 and God Bless

Mark K3MSB


K3KYR Jeff

Globe HiBander Mod 62
SWAN 250






AA4RM Marty

"Ranger with Cohones": If there was ever a stand-out phrase, that's it. Came from W0ENE in FL who ran a rager himself. But author's Johnston 500 was just barreling into Tampa Bay & hence the phrase.

AM Sunday saw me preparing a 70' high elderly G5RV redux. It'd been assassinated at both ends by falling trees. Geting durn thing 'way up taxed my archery skills to max. But after I bet 12 hrs, success. This opened opportunity to again run the "Big Johnson" which had lain dormant for an age. Durned if it didn't come back with some lumbago because it'd rested in an area with a bad dehumidifier.... a unit also restored thru the good offices of a fan lube. SSB on 20 was a wash-out. Tried & tried w. KWM-1 & only result was angered TX QSO party mavens who reviled anyone who'd disturb their event. Or so it seemed around 14.270.

AM Log
9/24/06 3880 +/-
9A W4UOC G76 G76 59/59me Tom GA 1
9A KF4TXQ URT12 75A3 59/59 Sam GA 1
9A KN4HH Aache R390 59/59 Bob GA 1
9:10A WB0JZG HB HB 59/59 Kevin TN 1
9:15A K0OCC 32V2 75A4 59/59 Ernie GA 1
9A K4FNY BC610 HQ170 59/59 Charlie GA 1
9:20A KE4ID 32V2 R388 59/59 Jack AL 1
9:30A KF4TXQ TCS TCS 57/59 Sam AL 1
9:30A K0OCC Ranger 75A1 59/59 Ernie GA 1
9:40A WB4FGV AF67 75A2 59/59 Walter AL 1
9:40A W4CT 32V2 75A1 59/59 Ben GA 1
9:50 WB4FGV B&W 5100S SX71 59/59 Walter AL 1

7290 +/-
10:15A W4IT B&W5100 SX101 59/59 Steve SC
1 3:50P W8VG HT32/SB220 75A4 59/59 Geo VA
1 3:55P KC8OPP HB4-125s R390 59/59 Rodger OH
1 4:30P W1GUD DX100 NC303 59/59 Warren FL
1 4:40P W0ENE Ranger RME6900 59/59 John FL
1 4:41P W4NFR TS870 TS870 59/59 Bill VA
1 4:57P KC8OPP John500(#@!blew) R390 59/59 Rodger OH

1 14286 +/-
6:15P W8KGI DX100 75A4 56/53 Jim NM 2
6:25P W8KGI A54/T17 75A4 42/43 Jim NM 2
6:30P W8KGI TBS50 75A4 42/43 Jim NM 2

11:50P W2ZM McMartin BA 75A4 59/59 Bob NY
3 11:48P W8KGI Nat. NTX/NTM NC173 32/33 Jim NM
3 11:55P WA0ZHH T368 75A4 59/59 Chuck TX/OK
3 00:20A W8KGI Valium NC173 59/59 Jim NM

26 QSOs
Stn Eqpt. age
1John500('55) Pro310('55) 102
2 Gonset G76 (2 x '60) 92
3 32V3 ('53) 51J4 ('54) 106
--- YEARS: 300

AM score 7800 pts.

Now comes CW Sunday. And with it comes the gift of a deadish Navigator. Bet 2-3 hrs. ditched pinpointing a dried-out 30mfd@450V cap. Then off it went running with a 2B ganged up thru a "horrid vacuum tube TR switch." Perhaps ghastly in the day with a BA is sooooo neat. Had one surprise QSO. KWN-1s @ either end. See below. Log shows I was pretty distracted from regular operation. Relative invasion is excuse. Another comment is QRN in south horrid about 10P.

Here's the outcome

CW LOG 20M 10/1/06
12:50P N6KN NCX-5 599/579me Rocco CA 1
1:07 N6KN NCX-5 589/579 Rocco CA 2
1:25 N6KN SR-150 589/579 Rocco CA 2
1:30 N6KN SR-150 589/579c Rocco CA 1
1:33 W8KGI AF67 / NC 303 559/559 Jim NM 1
1:45 K8GO 32S1 / 75S3 459/559 Len MI 2
4:50 N6KN KWM-1 589/579c Rocco CA 2

7:15P VE3JKM FT101 459/549 John ONT 3
7:22 W8KGI DX100/75A4 559/559 Jim NM 3
7:30 W8KGI 32V3 / SX28 559/559 Jim NM 3

7:45 K4JYS DX60/HQ129 559/579 Bill NC 4
10:30 WA2VMO GK500C/SW54! 569/459 Ted NYC! 4
10:40 W5TVW TCS12+amp/AR88 559/569 Sandy LA 4
10:50 WQ8U Valium/75A4 449/569 Mac NC 4

13 QSOs
Stn Eqpt. age
1 Gonset G76 (2 x '60) 92
2 Collins KWM-1 (2 x '57) 98
3 JohnNavi('59)/Drake 2B('61) 92
4 John500('55) Pro310('55) 102
YEARS: 384
--- AM score 4992 pts.

G R A N D T O T A L 12792 pts


KC2GHT Harry

Did not get a chance to operate as much as I would like to.
Hope to be able to put all of my Heath queipment on the air next time. Had fun ut then again I use all of my Heathkit gear on a daily basis.



Harry KC2GHT


K9VKY Brian

Hi Mac--
Family obligations came up on CX day, and for Radio Free Fombell it was not much more than an eleventh hour "showing of the flag".
Click here to see Brian's "showing of the flag." Only gear that was in place and ready to go for regular operation was used, and then only for a mere 21 QSOs. On a more positive note, though, the historical strained back, shocks, sparks, smoke, and acrid odors of yesteryear didn't occur as the behemoths were left idle this time. (They won't stay idle, though, as Old Man Winter will soon be upon us here in the hinterlands).

Here's hoping the guys found conditions good, QSOs plentiful, and that everyone is looking forward to the 2007 CX events.

Brian K9VKY

I failed to mention the total score.
It came to: 21 QSOs x 465 years x 220 degrees (bulb temp on the 6146s) x 12 minutes (average QSO length)= 25,779,600.

Brian K9VKY

Ed. Note: Brian has suggested the scores are too low under the current system and has attempted to demonstrate the power of other metrics to increase the numeric value of the score. While his intentions are good, his choice of metrics is questionable. Other CX participants are invited to suggest improvements - but remember - the eagle eye of the CX Newsletter Editor will seek them out if they are embedded in the scoring. Actually in prior CXs Brian has used other less creative metrics such as the age of the operator and the weight of the equipment, He is getting better!

But his score is still: QSOs: 21 X Equipment Age: 465 = 9,765.

Nice try Brian


K4JYS Bill

Hi Mac,
Again, it was a fun event. Tried the AM portion this year for the first time. Didn't make many contacts but was glad I gave it a try. The CW portion is my favorite so made a few more contacts on that mode. Didn't run too many rigs this year since it was still a bit warm.
That wonderful glow throws off a lot of heat.

AM QSOs: 4
Age of gear: 106 years
Total AM Score: 406

CW QSOs: 15
Age of gear: 230
Total CW Score: 3,450 Total CX Score: 3,856

AM: AF-67; HQ-140X
CW: HB 6F6/6L6 from 1946 QST; HQ-129-X (80 meters)
LYSCO 600S; HQ-140x (40 meters)

Thanks again to all who I worked and helped make this a fun event.

Bill, K4JYS


WQ8U Mac

And you are probably wondering what excuse I will have this time. Well..... it is not a very good one but it is all I have. We have had a significant demolition and addition project going on at our house and it had been very time consuming and distracting - as any of you who has done such a project knows. Good news: it was completed the week before Christmas.

The time available for CX was limited to the CW weekend only. I did manage to get some of the "Great Ones" on the air through and they all performed relatively well for a change. My limited lot size here in the Historic District of Hillsborough, NC is continuing to be an impedement to getting up a good antenna.

I started on 20 meters and could hear but not work W8KGI, N6KN and K5KS. I guess the propagation was unidirectional. So I moved to 40 meters and found a group of CXers. It was good to hear W5TVW (Sandy) in CX again - Sandy's QTH is in LA. Worked two old St. Xavier Hi alums: Paul, W8TM and Marty, AA4RM. I am not sure why anyone in GA would want a space heater running in September but there was Marty with his Johnson 500 - -

All things considered, a lot of fun - thanks to all the folks I worked.

Johnson Valiant
Johnson Viking II
Drake T-4X
Collins 75A4
National HRO-50 R1
Drake R-4A
YEARS: 289
QSOs: 20
Total Score: 5,780



W5TVW Sandy

Didn't have time to work the contest during the day much. Tried 20 meters around 2000Z and no luck. 40 was OK but petered out. Quit for chow and returned later on 80 meters. Band was very good until near 0200Z when it went "long" and signals started fading. Switched to 160 meters which was fairly quiet. Called CQ CX on 1810 and 1815 for about 20 minutes and no luck. Closed up for the night.

(Didn't use my Frank Jones RK34 transmitter or 1J6G regen receiver or Knight T-60.)

Follows log for W5TVW....
October 1, 2006 (GMT)
Time station RST(R) RST(S) SPC Name Description of equipment Myrig
---Band: 40 meters
2100 K4JYS 579 579 NC Bill Lysco 600S, HQ-120 1,2
2106 K4JYS 569 579 NC Bill " " " 4,5
2113 W2JEK 599 599 NJ Don Harvey-Wells TBS-50C, S-76 1,2
2119 W2JEK 599 599 NJ Don " " 4,5
2125 W1AWB 579 579 MA Andy Drake T4XB, R4C 1,2
2132 W1AWB 449 579 MA Andy " " " 4,5
2147 N8XMS 449 579 OH Paul Elecraft KX-1..2 watts 1,2
2200 WA8KOQ 599 579 TN Wink Drake T-4-XC, 2B 1,2
2208 WA8KOQ 599 579 TN Wink " " " 3,4
October 2, 2006 (GMT)

---Band: 80 meters
0106 W4NTI 599 489 AL Dan Heath HX-11, Hallicrafters SX-111 2,3
0112 KU4AF 599 579 NC John Heath DX-60B, Drake 2B 2,3
0119 KU4AF 599 469 NC John Homebrew 6V6 and homebrew regen rcvr 2,3
0124 W3ZT 569 479 NY Joel Cent. Elec. 10B, TMC GPR-90 1,2
0130 N4DKD 599 579 AL Brian Collins 32S1, 75S1 1,2
0135 K9KEU 599 589 WI John Collins 30K1, 75A4 1,2
0144 VE3AR 599 579 ONT Bill Kenwood TS-950 1,2
0150 W8TOW 589 589 MI Steve Collins 32V2, 75A4 1,2
0157 K4BAI 599 589 GA John FT-1000, Heath SB-220 1,2
0202 WA2VMO 589 589 NY Bob Swan 500CX 1,2
0240 AA4RM 559 559 GA Marty Johnson 500, Hammerlund PRO-310 1,2
...end of log...

My equipment and age...
1= Drake 2B receiver 45 years
2= Drake 2NT transmitter 40 years
3= RCA AR-88 receiver 65 years
4= USN RAL-7 receiver 65 years
5= USN TCS-12 transmitter 64 years
Total years multiplier= 279 years

Score= 20 QSO's X 279 years = 5580 points

E. V. "Sandy" Blaize W5TVW
40460 Edgar Traylor Road
Hammond, LA., 70003-1930
e-mail: or
Sandy W5TVW


W0VLZ Niel


I operated only CW in the fall CX. Favorite pair the 20A/75A3. I thought the Thordarson 100 was handicapped by the NC81X but I've now fixed my NC100X backlash problem so come February...

Collins 75A3
National NC-155
National NC-303
National NC-81
Drake R-4B
Central Electronics Multiphase 20A
Eico 723
Johnson Navigator
Drake T-4XB
Thordarson 100

Multipler: 366
Completed QSOs: 13
Score: 4758

Niel - W0VLZ


K3MD John

Limited time due to job responsibilites.
CU next year

QSOs: 11
Years: 162
Total score: 1,892

Drake 2-C

John K3MN


W8TM Paul

Hi Mac,

Good to work you again (two bands this time) in the CX. My participation was limited to CW--my favorite mode--while a late start plus the Bengals game further reduced my activity. But fortunately the CX went much better than the Bengals game!

I used Heathkits SB-301 and 401 that I assembled from kits bought by mail from Heath in 1967 and 1974 respectively. Those are my only old rigs (and my only non-QRP rigs), which makes for a modest CX multiplier. My 40-meter inverted vee was pressed into 80-meter service, with predictable loss of signal strength on 80.

As you can see from the attached log, I made 24 QSOs, all CW. Consequently, my summary "grid" reduces to a single line, as follows:

Mode: CW
Number of QSOs: 24
Total gear age: 71 years
Total Score: 1,704

Yet again I had more fun than score.

73, Paul W8TM



Enclosed is a copy of my CX log. I only worked CW this time and had 7 QSOs on 40 meters. Was pleased to work you on 40 with your Drake Twins.

Tried 80 meters with my BC-696 and recently acquaired Lafayette HE-30 but had no luck.

Have another Harvey Wells a TBS-50D and hope to get it going for February.

Johnson Ranger
Drake 2B
harvey Wells TBS-50C
Hallicrafters S-76
Age of gear: 196 years
Total QSOs: 7
Total Score: 1,372

Don, W2JEK




Equipment: Johnson Viking Adventurer Age 52 years
Drake R-4B receiver Age 39 years
Multiplier 91
8 QSOs X 91 = 728 Final Score
10-1 1613 20 K3MD 579 John PA HT-37, 2C
10-1 1618 20 K3MSB 559 Mark PA BW5100B,
10-1 1658 20 N6KN 579 Rocco CA Valiant,75A4 10-1 2225 40 W8KGI 579 Jim NM 100V,HRO50
10-2 0027 40 W8TM 569 Paul OH SB401,SB301
10-2 0206 80 K9VKY 559 Brian PA TS-530 XCVR
10-2 0211 80 N4DKD 569 Brian AL 32S1,75S1


K2WI Rob

Hi Mac,

Another pathetic performance from K2WI. I put all my effort into the slowest time period, from 1300 to 1600z, mostly on 40 but with one 20m contact with N6KN.

Then I had to invoke the old, "The amateur is balanced" rule, although most of my friends and family think I am rather unbalanced. Maybe I need a balun.

You see, I spent the whole weekend before the CX playing radio with my military radio buddies. Using my TCS I worked guys with GRC-19, BC-669, BC-611 and a plethora of other cool toys. I came home with a 1kw visual light transmitter (12" signal searchlight, needs a final tube).

So, when friends wanted to get together on the Sunday of CX, my family and I accepted the invitation and we spent the day trying to fly kites in insufficient wind, chasing the kids through the cornfield, and skipping stones in the river. By the time I got home I was too pooped to turn the radios on again.

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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 10:40:18 -0400 To:
From: "Rick Zach, K1RJZ"
Subject: Re: [GEMOTO] Re: Fall Classic Exchange

I'd just LOVE to fire up my old (new) rockbound AM Gonset Communicator-III thanks to W1LSB. One non-vintage issue: My 2M antennas are all vertical. The other consideration deals with those of us who are VERY active with refurbuing old COMMERCIAL gear. How about a Motorola T43GGB or a GE Progress Line desktop.
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Hi, A different type of operating exchange than this that I would love to see would be that of one on VHF where everyone used old "rock boxes" Either Commercial or early crystal controlled (flame suit ON)Jap boxes(TR22's, 1402's, etc). Or even the few domestic ones like Cleggs(22er FM),,. While this would primarily be FM mode, there could also be AM too for those w/ old "Benton Harbor lunch boxes" or HA45's. Any thoughts?


George Maier wrote:
Since we're GEMOTO people, we're boatanchor fans by default to some extent.
Well, if you also have an interest in HF boatanchors, there's a fun event for the next two week-ends; the Fall Classic Exchange.