It appears the long reigning high score CX leaders, Rocco, N6KN and Jim, W8KGI, have been usurped by two hard working CX regulars: “Doc” K3MD and Jeff, K3KYR came in first and second respectively. CONGRATULATIONS!

Doc ran seven RX/TX pairs with a total age of 609 years including a 51 year old crystal controlled AMECO AC-1. Jeff ran ten RX/TX pairs with a total age of 925 years including a 56 year old Lysco 600S on CW; his Phone time was cut short by helping another ham put up a shed (shack?)..

Rocco is operating under significant handicap since he has taken a temporary assignment in CO – away from his vast BA collection and antenna farm in CA. Rocco made a brief appearance with a Drake TR7A. Jim, on the other hand, is exploring ways to burn feed line insulation with a Heath SB-200 and capture the “Best Excuse” award.

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WOW! What QRM!!!!

Who knew that California and Texas had so many hams that all came on the air at the same time? Why did they pick CX weekend to decide to turn on their BIG guns? It confirmed the stereotypes of “Kalifornia Kilowatt” and of everything being “Bigger in Texas” particularly their signals and their numbers. Contests can be a problem.

Dave, AB5S, speculated about other possible contests that we need to avoid:
the New Hampshire Pumpkin Patch Patrol QSO Party,
the Texas Roasted Armadillo Radio Possie,
the Nevada Goldrush CW Sprint,
the Wyoming Ropin' and RTTY Race, the Pennsylvania Pomagranite Picnic and PSK Parade,
the Mississippi Mud-Duck Multi-Mode Mania,
and about twenty-seven other contests all run on the same weekend...
Is there even *one* weekend left that isn't buried in this uncorrodinated contesting?
P.S. Don’t forget to get your certificate by working ten stations in the Elmer Fudd Memorial Wascuwwy Wabbit Weenie Woast and Wadio Wound-Up.

Click to read some other comments about the QRM.


In the best CX tradition, there was serious discussion before the CX about whose rig had the most distinctive signal. Unfortunately, the contest QRM and other factors denied us the opportunity to hear many of these “Classic Clicks:

W8ZR, Jim: With the CW Classic Exchange coming up this weekend, I decided to check out my trusty Hallicrafters FPM-200 for its once-a-year appearance. As those of you who have worked it in prior years can attest, my FPM-200 has a distinctive CW note that has been graciously described as the sound of a surgery ward in the days before anesthesia. That, or worn brake pads. Or maybe a flock of drunk canaries.

W8KGI, Jim:My BC459, properly "adjusted" will out chirp both my TBS-50 and my Lysco 600. Hope to work you with one or the other of them on the CX.

WQ8U, Mac: Well.... W8KGI said my Viking II had a very "noteworthy" chirp when we QSOed a while back.

K2LQM, Paul: Speaking of chirping, I'm planning to have the TBS-50 and Conar TX's ready for the CX this Sunday.

W8ZR, Jim later reported: However, to my slight dismay, I discovered that my FPM-200 still had a pronounced chirp, which greatly interested (and offended) non-CX stations, some of whom had evidently never heard a chirp before. With the big amp (30S-1), I attracted many commenters from the non-CX crowd.
Jim, you won!


Obviously the choice of dates was not optimum. The sad fact is every weekend in September and October is filled with contests. “Outlaw contests!” That was the call from some CX stalwarts – who realized afterward that the CX is also a “contest.” Ohhppps!

Also, there have been some serious comments about the present scoring algorithm not really emphasizing the essence of CX – operating Classic rigs. Suggestions have been made that we re-introduce equipment worked into the score to recognize the older gear’s significance.

After the January/February 2008 CX we will take a long and serious look at how to avoid the band clogging contests in the fall and how to improve CX. All ideas are welcome. Some suggestions have already been made. Please let me know your ideas. Click to send to:
Mac, WQ8U

Click to read some suggested improvement.


The CX Newsletter is intended for the enjoyment of CX participants and others interested in the restoration, operation and enjoyment of Classic Ham Gear. This Newsletter was prepared from materials submitted by CX participants, from on-the-air observations, QSOs, and publically posted comments on various reflectors. Editorial comments on Individual Reports are shown in [Italics]. Any errors, omissions, or insensitive comments are unintentional. Please let me know if you have suggestions on improving the Newsletter or the CX website.
Thanks and 73,
Mac, WQ8U



Click on the call to read the comments submitted,

K3MD"DOC" / JOHN39,455



Click on the call to read the comments,




SEPTEMBER 2007K3MD39,455K3KYR37,534
FEBRUARY 2007N6KN176,853K3KYR114.048
SEPTEMBER 2006W8KGI324,676N6KN85,960
FEBRUARY 2006W8KGI318,373N6KN85,003
SEPTEMBER 2005W8KGI99,176N6KN91,840
FEBRUARY 2005W8KGI26,356,096N6KN24,892,010
SEPTEMBER 2004N6KN5,934,476WB2AWQ2,632,760
FEBRUARY 2004N6KN32,355,496W8KGI29,001,630
SEPTEMBER 2003N6KN32,896,903WB2AWQ2,687,850
FEBRUARY 2003W8KGI26,598,000N6KN11,388,762
SEPTEMBER 2002N6KN12,873,684K2TOP6,562,408
FEBRUARY 2002W8KGI7,793,380N6KN3,691,776
SEPTEMBER 2001W8KGI3,344,495K2TOP2,835,840



K3MD "Doc" aka John:
I put in a good deal of effort for this CX.  The CQP definitely wipes out CW, 20M is useless.  CQ WPX RTTY the weekend before, PAQP the next.... my suggestion would be to change the 20M frequency to 14095.

Had 7 separate Rx/Tx stns. this year... classic multiplier of 609.  Made many QSO's of casual ops that were not in contest.  Activity definitely down from 1979, my first CX year.

AL-811, Ameco AC-1. 

Making 3 QSO's with the AC-1 was a challenge, 4 watts out, crystal controlled.  This was my first transmitter. 

A lot of nice old radios on the air to work.

  SCORE: 65 QSO x 607 yrs = 39, 455

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K3KYR Jeff
The phone portion of CX arrived as most of my vhf buddy's were out of town or active with other projects. KC2GHT, Butch was at the Horseheads, NY hamfest; WA2DCL, Doug went downstate for a concert; and KC2JKL, Harold was busy building a storage shed with his brother.

40 meter band conditions were not the best, however I fired up a few rigs, to see what I could do. With my T 150A/HQ 110A VHF combo, I worked K4ALE Bevin from Va. on his TR-4 at 1325 on 7290, followed 2 minutes later with W3IHY Len who was using an FT 1000D. Then an hour later I hooked up with W8KYD Ron, the "Lake Erie Boatanchor Net" conductor, who was using his DX 60B/ NC 303 combo.

About an hour later on 7295 I worked Ken, K8TV who was using a YEASU MP, followed 18 minutes later by Ken joining the CX fun with his Home Brew FET rig. Then at 1615Z I worked Ken using my Hallicrafters HT 40 HQ 110C combo, as he was still using the HB rig.

There appeared to be no other activity and after several minutes of tuning, I decided to shut down and head over to KC2JKL's qth to help in the construction of the storage shed, thus putting an end to the days events.

My CX Phone score is 534 points as even though I used two stations, I only made one contact with the HT 40/HQ 110C station. The Knight T-150A is 44 yrs old and the HQ 110A vhf rx is 45 years old, for a total of 89 years times 6 qso's yielding a score of 534 points.

Now on to the CX CW event on 10/7/07, where the activity level was up from the phone weekend, but down from previous CX events that I have worked. I was able to make 40 contacts, using 10 different station's, for a total of 925 years, amounting to 37,000 points.A far cry from Feburary.

Out of the 40 contacts, I made 29 of those with just 6 other guys. K5FY/m Bruce was worked twice while he was traveling thru NC, using his IC 706G. WA2VMO, Bob was using his Swan 500C the first time I hooked up with him, and on his SB 400 the second time. Howie WB2AWQ was worked 4 times on 3 of his stations, SB 102, T4XC/SX101A, and ARC 5/BC 348Q. KI4PS Jerry using his TT Scout twice.

N2BE, John was worked 5 times using his two great old E.F.Johnson transmitters, the Challenger and Adventurer. Throughout the day I made a total of 14 contacts with K3MD, John in Winfield, Pa. Of those 14 q's, 9 of John's stations were used. They were: TS 520, TR 4, IC 745, IC 751, TR 7, AC-1/NC 270, HT 37/2C, HT 37/ 270, and finally IC 720A.

Single contacts were made with: W8FU, N4DR, AA4RM, KB8JFC, WB3ERA, KT4KS, KB8BMY, WB2YRL, WQ8U, WD4LZC, and K3MSB. Of those Marc, N4DR was using a Rockmite @ .5w; Mac WQ8U on the FB Drake T4X/R4A station, and K3MSB Mark using B&W 5100B/ SX 101A combo.

Some of the other "newer" classic rig's worked were the IC 735, TS 520, 830 and 440. I wonder if I'll see the day when my FT 920 and Mark V's are classic?

The stations used by me were:
DX 100/HQ 170;
HX 50A/HE 80;
DX 60/HR 10;
HW 16 (#1);
T-60/HQ 110A vhf;
HT 40/NC 109;
Eico 720/HQ 110C (#1);
DX 40/NC 270;
HW 16 (#2) and
DX 20/HQ 110C(#2)

Feburary is only 4 months away, and anticipation is already building for the next CX. Hopefully as word spreads about this event, others will join in.

Some are suggesting moving CX activity to mid week, or Friday evening, but for those not yet retired I think weekends are best, and as long as major contests are avoided.

To you Mac, and others that put so many hours in these events, a big thank you for bringing us together.


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  I did not make a single QSO in the Phone CX.  I had receivers listening to 14286, 7290, and 3880 which I monitored periodically during the day.  I called CQ several times with no results.  I quit about 5:30 pm to take Kathy to supper.  When I got back home about 9 I finally heard a few signals on 75 and then on 40.  By the time I tuned up on 75 the guys were gone, and the one fellow I heard on 40 calling CQ was in New Jersey and he didn't come back when I called him, several times.

  I hope the CW CX will be better!

It's two days after Thanksgiving, and high time that I send you my CX score from the Fall running.

This was my worst CX in several decades! Between the blanket of QRM from several other contests and then my Antenna feedline shorting out just after 10 pm when 80 was running, things did not go well for me. I started off listening and calling on and off for almost four hours on 20 with absolutely no results. The band was packed full with guys working other contests and there was not a CX signal that could squeeze in between. I finally went to 40 about quarter-to-four Mountain Time and found some CXers. I managed 18 QSO's on 40 with 10 different guys in the next four and a half hours, also taking a couple of hours out to take Kathy out to supper. I qualified 5 transmitters and 4 receivers on 40 in the process. I switched to 80 around 9 pm and found a few guys down there. I started a "rig run," working 8 different RX/TX pairs, but before I could get anything through three QSO's the feedline on my center-fed Zepp shorted out and I was off the air for the rest of the game.

In all, I managed to qualify 6 transmitters and 7 receivers for an age multiplier of 701 years and to make 33 QSO's for a total score of 23,133. I had an additional 9 transmitters and 5 receivers on the air, but not for 3 QSO's. And I had beyond that I had another 12 receivers and 24 transmitters tuned up and ready to go that never got on the air. Bummer!

Gear on and qualified included Transmitters Globe King 275, HT-20, AF-67, Central Electronics 100V, DX-100 and T4X and Receivers NC-303, SX-28A, HRO-5, HRO-50, SX-28, 75A4 and R4B. On but not qualified were Transmitters Apache, BC459, TBS-50, 32V3, Millen 90800, National NTX-30, CBY52209, A54 and Valiant and Receivers NC-200, HRO, NC-101X, NC-173 and BC454.

We really have to do something to get around all of that QRM. It's not going to get any better in the future if we keep the CX on the same days and times. Let's try to figure something else out so that we can go back to having more fun.

Jim Hanlon, W8KGI

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K4JYS Bill

Hi Mac,
Here's my report for the recent AM/CW CX:     SUMMARY:  MODE       QSOs     YRS OLD MULT.      SCORE
                     AM              5                  103                    515
                     CW            25                  321                  8025
               TOTALS           30                  424                  8540

VIK 2 (55)   SX-100 (52)---------------1 AM   15CW QSOs
AF-67 (54)  HQ-170 (49)---------------4 AM    5CW QSOs
LYSCO 600S (57) HQ-140X (54)----4 CW QSOs
EICO 723  HQ-140X--------1 CW QSO (NO MULT. CREDIT) 

  Thanks Mac and all who participated. It was another great CX. I didn't find very much AM activity but CW was pretty good, especially on 40 mtrs. where the band condx. were pretty good. Some QRM at the beginning from a QSO party, but that faded out later in the day. Eighty mtrs. was not good in NC...noisy and not much activity heard. W2IFB was running a one tuber at 4 watts on 80, which sounded good. Tried to work him with my 6F6/6L6 but he couldn't hear me. I estimated at the height of my activity, there were 60 plus tubes glowing in the wonder it was nearly 85 deg.

Thanks again guys for a fun CX.
de Bill K4JYS

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WB2AWQ Howie

Hi Mac,
missed ya this time around! Conditions really lousy, plus CQP QRM.

  Hi CXers!
Well in contrast to the Feb CX, this time around conditions were not so favorable - in fact I thought they were downright terrible! My first stop was 15 meters, where there were some signals on the band, mostly contesters in the CQP contest. I called about CQ about 10 times on the CX frequency, to no avail. Down to 20, where I thought I might have some problems with the contest. Was I ever right - the band was packed, nowhere to squeeze in a CX signal. I tried a few calls, but got nothing, not even a CQPer wanting a contact.

Given the contest was mainly a west coast affair, I dropped down to 40, where there was a little more going on that wasn't CQP. First contact was with K3KYR, who has taken Rocco K6KN and Jim W8KGI's places as "top gun" in the "Lots of Equipment" category. If I had let Jeff go on switching rigs, I would have had only one station in the log for the day. I believe Jeff said he had some 50 rigs ready to go.

At least 40 was open, if only for a while. I did manage to qualify my SB-102, and Drake T4XC/SX101A combo. In the time I spent there, besides K3KYR, I also, amazingly, QSOed Jim W8KGI in New Mexico, who was running a Globe King 275 and NC303, which was a good thing for me. Jim's gear made up for mine at that point, which was a BC458A/ARC5 running 20 watts out, and my ORIGINAL Novice receiver BC-348Q. Signals were weak in both directions but we did make the exchange, during daylight on both ends. A few more contacts were made with the mil gear, including with Joel W3ZT who was running a rig I had never heard of, a URT-11 which is supposed to be a CIA transmitter. (Gotta look that one up!) In spite of all this, three hours on 40 netted a paltry 8 QSOs.

After dinner, it was on to 80 where I thought things would go better. But it was not to be. I think with the unusually warm weather out East, the noise level weas way up on 80, much like mid-July, although not just the sferics, but a high background level as well. The only rig I put on for 80 was the terrific GO-9 mil transmitter, with the WW2 HRO. I managed to qualify it fairly quickly, but there were not all that many CX signals to be heard. I then dashed up to the Old Military Radio Net QRG, 3570 at 9 PM, and chatted with 4 guys up there all running mil hardware. After that I ran out of steam, so on to ZZZZZ-land.

Of some note were some new faces, to me at least - KB8BMY who was not running a CX rig, but QRP with an FT817, and some guys running relatively new rigs which now qualify for CX: W8BJO running a TenTec Omni 5, and KI4PS running a TenTec Scout. Bob, K3MD, a regular in CX was running an Icom IC-720. Not a tube to be found in this group!

I missed two of the three frearless leaders, worked only Jim W8KGI. Heard but could not work Rocco K6KN on 40M. First time in lotsa years Rocco and I haven't worked. Neatest rig vote goes to W3ZT and his CIA radio. Biggest boatanchor would be W8KGI and his Globe King 275 and NC303. Most radios (and an extreme desire to set them all aglow) goes to K3KYR.

So, not the best of CXes, but as always it was fun.

15 total QSOs times 415 CX years = 6270 points.

see y'all in Feb
//Howie WB2AWQ

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W2CQH Reed

TX: Homebrew 813; 1954
RX: Collins 75-A2

TX/RX: IC-745: 1985

AM: 14 x 106 = 1484
CW: 1 x 22 = 22
Total = 1506

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WQ8U Mac

I listened around on 20 and 40 meters Sunday afternoon and only heard one AM station (W4KYB) but was unable to work him with the Valiant. Time limitations kept me from searching longer.

The next Sunday was somewhat better. The CA QSO Party sure took over the 20 meter band in the early afternoon and 40 meters later when the skip moved out. I did manage to get two sets of gear qualified – Johnson Valiant & Collins 75A4 and my trusty Drake twins T-4X and R-4A – with help from the Heathkit SB-200.

Antenna problems kept me from getting on 80 meters so when 40 meters died I hung it up.

N2BE, John, was a shining example for Johnson with his Challenger and his Adventurer. Great to hear those little rigs again. I only managed to work W8KGI twice, one time he was running his ELMAC AF-67 barefoot .

Unfortunately, I missed many of the CX regulars. I could hear WB2AWQ, Howie, occasionally as well as AA4RM, Marty, but could not connect. Usual excuses – limited time, QRM, band conditions, color of my shirt…….

Looking forward to February – it has to be better.

Hillsborough, NC

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W2JEK Donald

Dear Mac,
Enclosed is my entry and log for the Fall 2007 Classic Exchange.

IO had 4 QSOs with my Johnson Ranger 1 and Drake 2B on CW. The Ranger age is 46 years and the Drake 2B age is 43 years for a total of 89 years.
SCORE: 4 QSO x 89 years = 356

I had one QSO on 80 CW with my Harvey-wells TBS-50C and Hallicrafters S-76. Should I count that QSO in the total QSOs even though it was not qualified by having 3 QSOs. {Ed. Note: Unfortunately no. Rules require 3 complete QSOs to qualify gear.}

Got on 80 M late and only had one QSO. Think the band went long – my QSI was with Stan, WA4NFY, in Florida. Conditions have been poor – hope we get some sunspots soon.

Donald C. Younger, W2JEK

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Hi Mac,
Was great to hear a flurry of AM’ers on 40 last Sunday morning. Only managed 3 QSO’s but it was fun.

Thank you for your effort with the Classic Exchange.

73 Ron

TX: Heathkit DX-60B; 40 yrs
RX: National NC-303; 45 yrs
85 x 3 = 255

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N8DL Denny

Well, didn't do so hot this year. I was on 160, 80, and 40 mtrs CW and only worked one station - WA2VMO in NYC - on 3.545 Mc CW.,/p> I was on from about 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time Sunday. Could not be on any other times. Maybe better luck next year. Was using a Hallacrafters HT-32 B xmtr abt 1962-3 vintage 100 w output and a WWII BC-348 rcvr abt 1943 vintage


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W8TM Paul

This Classic Exchange was quite a change from the last one. Despite CQing various times on both weekends/modes, I was able to work only one station (WA4NFY) when I answered his CQ on CW. I hope that others had better luck than I did.

My equipment was unchanged from previous CX efforts: SB-301 receiver (1967), SB-401 transmitter (1974) and inverted vee fed with ladder line.

Ma Nature introduced a major change in the form of an extended drought that I believe has significantly altered the performance of my antenna for the worse. And sunspots are just as rare as rainstorms at the moment. 73,
Paul W8TM

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N6KN/0 Rocco

The Cal QSO party completely wiped me out this weekend.  I am portable for a year or two in Colorado on a job assignment and have only my Drake TR7A and a 40 m loop at 30 ft.  I managed to make a half dozen CW QSO's in between moving in to the new house and dealing with the XYL. 

We should really try to schedule around the Texas and California QSO parties - it was really impossible until 0000Z.  After that, everyone disappeared for me!

But I had fun, anyway. 
Rocco N6KN/0 in Denver

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W5TVW Sandy
I gave it a few tries when I could. Only worked one station K5BOT on 40 meters.

The CQCA crowd had a few people who got "offended" that someone was calling CQCX amungst them! There seems to be an increasing amount of intolerance for anything but a pristine signal these days!...

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W8ZR Jim

Hi Gang,

I tried and tried but never heard any CX stations on 20m. The band was jammed with CA QSO party stations, all of which seemed to be S9++ in New Mexico. I'm not even sure what a QSO party is, but it sure seemed to attract a lot of interest.

In the afternoon I switched to 40m, but the band hadn't awakened yet. While I was waiting, I decided to hook my trusty Hallicrafters FPM-200 up to a 30S-1 amp that was sitting in the corner. Once the band woke up in the late afternoon, the combo really kicked vintage butt. {Ed.: Way to go Jim!}

However, to my slight dismay, I discovered that my FPM-200 still had a pronounced chirp, which greatly interested (and offended) non-CX stations, some of whom had evidently never heard a chirp before. With the big amp, I attracted many commenters from the non-CX crowd.

I didn't hear many of the stalwarts this time, but I worked John, N2BE, running an Adventurer/Drake 2B combo. WA4NPX's Lysco 600 sounded very good. John, K3MD was running Drake gear, and I worked him a couple of times running a TR-7 and TR-4.

Jim W8KGI is about 45 miles from me, so he was pretty weak after the band lengthened out, but I talked to four of his umpty-ump stations: a CE-100V/HRO-50 pair, a DX-100/SX-28, a BC459/75A4 (now that's an unusual combo), and a TBS-50C//HRO-50. On one of the contacts, he had the TBS-50 hooked up to an SB-200, but then we tried it again barefoot and he was still good copy. For that contact, I was using my TBS-50D/Drake 2C station, so we may have been the only Harvey-Wells ops working each other in the contest.

Just before everybody moved to 80m (except me, that is, due to an antenna problem), I fired up my Ranger/Desk KW pair, which I've seldom used on CW. I'd forgotten how nice that Ranger keying sounds, especially compared to my other rigs that day. Didn't get any chirp complaints with it, but it did generate a lot of S9 reports and the Desk KW kept the room cozy and warm after the sun went down.

Jim W8ZR

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I have had a great "Boatanchor Weekend", and there may be more to come in the CX. I did not even have to enter the "tin horn political arena" to slam my government or President! All I had to do was to turn on my Johnson Viking Ranger II and Collins 75A-4!

This morning I had two great CX QSOs on 40 -- WA1SKQ in RI sounded great with his SB-101 and old Bunnell straight key. Then N2BE in NJ and I had a great chat -- his Viking Challenger and NC-303 came to life for our QSO.

Since I wanted to play with the old gear and the California QSO Party was in full play, I decided to give the Ranger II and 75A-4 some exercise.

This year I finally remodeled my main ham shack, and managed to find new homes for other boatanchors, keeping only the Ranger II, 75A-4, and Drake 2B. I set them up in my barn/workshop, and all I needed was an antenna. On Friday I did most of the work on putting up an 80 thru 10 meter Windom -- the tennis ball cannon that Goose - W8AV and I purchased last winter provided an easy shot over a 70 foot tree. The Windom was finished off on Saturday, just prior to 1600Z. The CQP started at the same time, so I decided to make a few QSOs to "try out the antenna". The few QSOs turned into 5 hours off and on, to the tune of 127 QSOs.

One of the reasons for choosing a Windom antenna was its long standing claim of low SWR on "even multiple" bands. As advertised, that is the case on 80, 40, 20, and 10 meters. What about 15, you say? (more on that later). I used the Ranger II and 75A-4 and had an absolute ball, zero beating stations just as we all did in the pre-transceiver days. I used a Wilson bug, made in Toronto for the RCAF in WWII. Even though I have more bugs that I care to admit to, the Wilson and a Lionel J-36 (US Army WWII) are the easiest to use. My B&W wattmeter, verified by a Bird, showed I was running 30 watts output.

It was not difficult to work the CA stations on 20, and surprisingly easy on 40. This afternoon I did turn the 75A-4 to 15 meters, and was surprised to hear some loud signals. "But the Windom has high SWR on 15 and it won't work" !! ... so sayeth the experts. I thought back to my fiirst hamming, 50 years ago, and I was not aware what SWR was.. So the Ranger II was fired up on 15, and my effectiveness there was even better than on the other bands .. 27 QSOs in 27 minutes with an 8:1 SWR. Now I remember why SWR did not matter when I was a kid and did not know any better! Does the guy on the other end really care what your SWR is?

Good fun so far.. No political rants needed either! When I joined this list, Jack told me I had to take a semi-official oath to behave and keep my mouth shut. That's what makes this a civilized place to talk about old radios ?? Has there been a change in the "rule of manners"?

Don Karvonen - K8MFO

Just worked 6 more CW stations in the CX...

WA2VMO with his TS-830S ... W8KGI with his HT-20/SX-28A,....W3ZT with his "CIA spy transmitter" URT11/NC-400....W3DP with a TS-570D....WA8VTD with a Drake T4-X/Navy SRR-13A RX........W2YH with a Heathkit SB-401/Collins R-390A.

Had to QRT after 8 CX QSOs. Every one of the rigs sounded great! My evaluation of that is that they were on the air, putting out signals..

As John said, thanks to the CX organizers! I am very pleased to have some of my boatanchors on the air again -- they are always nice to look at, but making QSOs can't be beaten!


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K5MO John

No probs here on the east coast. Enough room above 7040 to call CQ and I had a ball. CX, like anything else, is what you make of it... I enjoyed it greatly!

Great fun... had the traditional CX rigs warmed up today, the 2B and the Navigator and the 75A1 and 32V2 which I meant to get on CW today, but got sidetracked on 40m AM QSOs. Fun stuff.

Even managed to slip in a DX contact with the Equitorial Guinea Dxpedition station on 20SSB today, just to be a well rounded ham. (I used the TenTec Omni VI and Centurion for that one however).

It's all fun! Thanks for those who organize the CX!

John K5MO

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Jeff W7ID


I always look forward to the Classic Exchange. Operating classic radios on the ham bands is a blast! February 2007 saw me operate only in the CW weekend, and I had a lot of fun as usual.

I started out on 40 meters at 1430 and qualified my newest rig, the Yaesu FT-1000D. Then I turned around to table number 5, moved to 20 meters and worked enough stations to qualify my old trusty TS-940S and my Collins S-line, 32S3, 75S3 station. Next I moved over to table number four with a HT-32B and 75A4 and put them on the air. This year I had finally acquired enough Hallicrafters TO-Keyers to have one on each operating table. Their mercury wetted relays make keying the vintage tube rigs with higher voltages on the key contacts a piece of cake. I had one when they first came out back in the 60s and they are still good performing keyers.

Next on the air at W7ID was the ‘BIG-H’ Hallicrafters station on table number three; the HT-32B exciter, HT-33B KW amplifier and the SX-115 receiver. What great looking and feeling gear that set up is! I qualified them easily while still on 20 and then switched over to my Drake TR-4Cw/RIT.

After that it was time to fire up my beloved Collins Gold Dust Twins. The KWS-1 and the matching 75A4 still perform superbly on CW. What a fun station that is to operate. Signals sound so good coming out of the A4 and with the KWS-1’s full kilowatt it is easy to make contacts. I had several enjoyable hours of operating that great station on twenty meters.

A little while later on I put my Heath DX-40 and VF-1 paired up with a Drake 2B station on the air on 40 meters. After qualifying them I switched my recreated novice station from 1959, the Heath DX-20 and Hallicrafters SX-110 onto the 40 meter beam and easily worked two Midwest and an East coast station to qualify them.

Then it was time to put my Knight T-50 and SX-100 on the air. I worked two stations on 40 and the band petered out. I had to move them to 80 to find the third contact. My final effort of the night was to put my Collins 32V3 and 75A1 from operating table number two on 80 meters. I normally only operate them on AM so CW on the V3 was going to be a new adventure. I had listened to the A1 on CW quite a few times but I am still amazed at how sweet CW sounds coming out of that old receiver.

Operating in the Classic Exchange always makes me realize how special the old gear makes me feel. I spent a lot of time as a teenager drooling over the Allied, Heath, Applebee and WRL catalogs back in the 50s. Being able to own and operate some of those great classic pieces of history from back then just brings me no end of pleasure. I bet you feel the same way. I feel very fortunate to be able to be the temporary keeper of such treasures. Hopefully someone else will treasure them when we are gone.

Notables worked this time were Mark, K3MSB who worked me on three of my stations, Howie, WB2AWQ whom I worked three times, once while he was in his MOBILE! Bob, WA2VMO who exchanged three different setups both ways. And the guy who always out does all of us, Jim, W8KGI. Jim made it into my log with five different stations throughout the day. How many rigs does he own anyway?

It was great to work Mac, WQ8U; Rocco, N6KN; Jack, W3TMZ and my buddy since Jr. High School in Littleton, CO. Larry, KC8JX. I worked a total of 58 QSOs with a CX multiplier of 931 so my final score is 53,998.

Thanks to everyone who shared a bit of air time with me while we were enjoying spending some time in our time machines we call classic radios. I hope to hear you all again next time.

Jeff, W7ID

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AB5S Dave
Just look at the contest list for just this week:
Contesting has become a plague!

K2LQM Paul
The QSO parties are killing the CX out here in AZ.

Will be listening for you guys on 80m tonight.

de Paul K2LMQ

At 07:40 PM 10/8/2007, Arden Allen wrote:

Must be we're doing something wrong. I thought we were the type that didn't know when to go to bed on time and get our beauty rest. What I'm trying to say, isn't there a better way to time manage CX so it doesn't get run over by the contest juggernauts? I never did like the stress of FD and contesting.....

Arden Allen

I'm in total agreement with Arden. Couldn't we do something like 40m CW one Sunday night and 80m CW another Sunday night? The CX was extremely enjoyable back a few years, when we weren't run over by the contesters.

de Paul K2LMQ

W5TVW Sandy
I gave it a few tries when I could. Only worked one station K5BOT on 40 meters.

The CQCA crowd had a few people who got "offended" that someone was calling CQCX amungst them! There seems to be an increasing amount of intolerance for anything but a pristine signal these days!...



Hi Mac --
The new way {Ed.: Currently in use} of computing the score is
Score = QSOs x CXmult.

I suggest the following:
Score = (Number of RX + Number of TX) x CXmult.

With this method, the emphasis is not on how may QSO's you make, but on the number of different RX and TX contacted.

Isn't that what the CX is all about?

Mark K3MSB

  I'm sure you've seen the critique of this last CX on the BA Reflector.  I haven't figured things out yet, but I didn't do very well.  For about three hours I listened periodically and called CQCX on 20 in the least populated spot I could find between 14040 and 14050, and I neither heard or worked any CXers.  There were a lot of guys calling CQCA and CQP, whatever they might have been.  Forty was better. 

  But that aside, there is the point about trying to run the CX in the presence of heavy QRM from other contests. 

  I saw one suggestion that we run for a couple of Sunday nights, one on 40 and the other on 80.  If we could time it to avoid the other contests and give us a chance with our old and anemic gear, that just might have some merit.

  What do you think?


K9VKY Brian

Hi Mac--
Thanks for remembering me, and, yes, will always work.   I missed the last CX (couldn't even show the flag this time) because of a scheduling problem.   I do hope to muster some iron for my favorite radio event this Fall.

  As far as any other thoughts on the Fall CX, I think there should be special multipliers for: 
  a)  Operators in Beaver County Pennsylvania
  b)  Operators using 4D32 tubes in the final stage 
  c)   Degrees of temperature rise in the shack
  d)   Gross weight of equipment lifted from point A to B
  e)   The number of "smoke events"  experienced during the CX
  f)    The number of non-participating operators who scold you for incorrectly sending CQ as "CX".
    Happy hunting on the bands, Mac, and hope to hook up with you in October.

  Brian  K9VKY