Mario, N2AK, was on top this CX, edging out Jim, W8KGI, by a slim margin. Probably attributable to Mario’s new QSK system which he says takes four relays. Hope those relays are small and quiet hihi Another usual high score competitor, Rocco, N6KN, was much lower this CX because of being in his CO shack for part of the CX. Obviously he needs to get some more BAs for the CO shack.


Jim, W8KGI: I did get my recreated Novice Rig on the air on 40, along with its brother HRO-50, and qualified for five QSOs. That was a BLAST!

Jeff, K3KYR: On the benefits of BA receivers compared to modern receivers.”Some of the receivers I was using allowed me to hear stations 5 or more kcs off my transmit frequency. Obviously stations with tighter filtering just cannot hear stations that far off frequency.”

John, N2BE,observed that "the CW portion of the CX was super-active this year"

Tony, N2ATB: "This is the second time I have worked CX and I enjoyed it even more than the first one."


Mike, WU2D, made a tremendous start for his first CX. He Got 11 stations on the air and came in fifth. Glad you joined us Mike!

Curt KU8L,additionally got special mention by Rocco, N6KN, for using an uncommon rig: Swan Cubic Astro 102BX


Since no CX participant reported receiving an OO card last CX and no reports of uniquely BA signals were received this time, a new award has been created.
Rocco, N6KN, nominated another senior CXer, Jim, W8ZR, for the ”beautiful CW note” from his Johnson Viking Ranger and Desk Kilowatt.


Wilson, W4BOH, was nominated as having the "Coolest Receiver" with his Hammarlund "Comet Pro" by John, N2BE.
In his report below Wilson comments positively.on the selectivity and sensitivity of the Comet Pro. That receiver belonged to his father; the original W4BOH.


Mike, WU2U, a CX first timer, running a Paraset and WS-19. Be sure to read his description of these rigs in his report below. Most interesting.


Andy, N8OFS operated from a Caboose rail car on 6 meter FM.Click here to see picture of the caboose and antenna

Perry, W8AU/WW2LST,operated CX from a World War II LST sailing in the Great Lakes. The ship is usually docked at Evansville Indiana. Visited it there last summer. Well worth the time to tour the ship. Even got to to spend time in the radio room where Perry and his team of volunteers have restored much of the original gear and added some modern ham gear.


John, N2BE, has continued to study the relationship between Boat Anchor radios and Global Warming. He has produced another creativeoutlook which recommends investing in NJ property that will become Southern beachfront – think Hilton Head. To read more, click here. Warning: this material may cause you discomfort – from laughing.


The CX Newsletter is intended for the enjoyment of CX participants and others interested in the restoration, operation and enjoyment of Classic Ham Gear. This Newsletter was prepared from materials submitted by CX participants, from on-the-air observations, QSOs, and publically posted comments on various reflectors. Editorial comments on Individual Reports are shown in [Italics]. Any errors, omissions, or insensitive comments are unintentional. Please let me know if you have suggestions on improving the Newsletter or the CX website.
Thanks and 73,
Mac, WQ8U

You can read the individual's report by clicking on the call sign in the SCORES Table below.


N2AKMario 90,720-36,003--126,723High Total Score; High SSB Score
W8KGIJim 99,3064,49412,140-4,000119,940High CW Score
K3KYRJeff 89,765----89,765
K2RPRon 22,0746,479744-2,00062,545
WU2DMike 56,330---3,00056,330
N6KNRocco 40,747-6,440--47,167
K4JYSBill 36,245---1,00037,245
N2BEJohn 27,969339279-2,00030,586Neatest hand lettered log submitted
N2ATBTony 7,912-3,564-2,00013,476
W4BOHWilson 5,868---5,868
VE7BGPGerry --5,547--5,547
W2JEKDon 2,331---2,0004,331
W8TMPaul 1,580-1,738--3,318
KU8LCurt --3,080--3,080
VE2AHHArt 800----800
DK3UZEddi 515----515
N8OFS/PAndy --56-56Railcar Caboose Station


N2AK – Mario

Hi Mac,
 I had a lot of fun with CX this Fall. The 40m band is slowly improving, which is where I spend most of my time. Also, we are getting some new boatanchor operators who have been putting more contacts in our logs. I made more than half of my 72 CW contacts by working a small group of determined BA enthusiast. These were: N2ATB Tony (7 q’s) , WU2D Mike (10 q’s), K3KYR Jeff (9 q’s), K4JYS Bill (5 q’s) , W4BOH “WC” (7 q’s) and W8TM Paul (6 q’s) .

I managed to qualify 21 pieces of gear for CW and 18 for SSB. This was about half of the gear I had ready to run, but time and activity ran out before I could get more equipment on the air. On both week-ends, I ran 40m until late afternoon and then switched to 80m. I never did hear much on 20 or 15m.

I am grateful to all the guys who came out to keep our old radios alive. I look forward to improved conditions and more stations in Jan 2011.

     I've been pretty busy here, which is why I took so long getting you that log. I don't expect to come out on top, but if It matters, I just copied my scribbled notes into the data files I sent you and I'm sure you can find the entries are not without some typos, etc.  So, if someone else is close to the top, you can safely strike out some of my erroneous  entries (like one guy I listed about 6 times as a K prefix and once as a N. J.

       I hope to be gearing up for the Jan CX .  I helped Tony N2ATB get several Kenwood and one Yaesu rig fixed up for CX.  I just got a Swan 270 up and built a QSK unit so I don't have to turn a switch to go from REC to XMIT. (By the way, that wasn't a simple change ... took 4 relays !).

  I am also trying to finish a hmbw 811 amp I started in 1975!  I finally have all the parts I need to finish it, which should be helpful with the lousy band condx we have been getting.     

  Thanks for all your good work keeping this contest going and growing.  I hope the League gets the QST listing right this year;  it helps for many guys who don't use computers to find out about CX.

                                                                                                        Mario / N2AK

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W8KGI – Jim


The bands were open here, but not many CXers showed up.  The CXers I worked were Rocco N6KN, Mac WQ8U, Bill K4JYS, Jim W8ZR, Ron K2RP, Shep AA7MH, Dick k6Bzz, Al N5AIT, Fox W7FOX, Bill K4BIZ and Sandy W5TVW.  Made 28 QSOs on 80 thanks to Bill and Sandy.  We ended up in a three-way.  Made 12 QSOs on 40 and 12 on 20. 

  We started out to go to 11:30 Mass in town but got caught in a traffic mess on I-40 through Tijeras Canyon and didn't get to town until about noon.  We went to lunch instead and then came home where I started in on 20 at 2:10.  Dropped out to go to the sinners' Mass at 6 pm - this time we took old Route 66 through the Canyon and ducked the traffic - the highway department had 40 down to one lane because they were repairing some of the bridges. 

  I did get my recreated Novice Rig on the air on 40, along with its brother HRO-50, and qualified for five QSOs.  That was a BLAST! 

  My garage shack had three non-working receivers, RME-70, SX-43 and SX73.  I pulled them at the last minute and replaced them with a BC-348R, NC-80X and HQ-180 from the attic.  They all worked and even were running QSK OK, but the turnout was so light I didn't get around to putting them on the air. 

  Everything in the inside shack worked at the start.  The 100V developed a problem, it's acting as though its key lead is shorted, before I got three QSOs out of it.  I'll have to get that fixed before the phone contest next Sunday. 

  In all, I qualified 15 receivers and 13 transmitters.  2 more receivers were on but not for 3 QSOs as were 4 transmitters.  And I had lots of FUN!



Well I had better luck with the I-40 traffic on the phone weekend, so we made it to 11:30 Mass on time.  I got on 20 SSB with my KWM-1 and with my Eldico SSB-100 and 75A3 for a while before church and worked a number of "special event" stations including guys working a Route 66 celebration (I'm four miles north of old 66 in New Mexico) and guys working the Washington State Salmon Run.  Then after church I worked 20 again for a while to qualify my other sideband gear in the garage shack, B&W 6100 and SB-400 transmitters and HQ-170A and NC-303 receivers.  I talked to Dave, AA6YX/40 in Sonoma City, California (who was working the Northern CA Contest Club 40th Anniversary event) with all three of my stand-alone transmitters, and he liked the audio on the Eldico SSB-100 the best!  The good old phasing rig has a wider audio passband than the filter rigs. 

  In all of the time that I spent on 20, I did not have a single QSO with anyone working the CX!  I had plenty of gear warmed up for AM contacts, and I listened up on 14286 on numerous occasions, but I heard no one at all working AM.

  After qualifying my 20 meter SSB gear, I came inside and started on 40 meters.  I worked a few fellows who at least knew what the CX was.  I qualified my 75A4 and 100V and Drake Twins R4B and T4X on SSB, and then went up to 7293 for a number of AM QSOs with "locals" in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California.  Jim, KJ7S, was running AM on his Flex 5000A, and Dan, W0RO, was running AM on his Flex 1000, and both of them sounded great.  George, WB6YVC, was running a Globe Chief with a home-brew modulator into an Eldico SB-500 amplifier to boost the signal out in San Diego, and he sounded good too. 

  Score wise, On CW I Made 12 QSOs on 20, 12 on 40, and 30 on 80.  I qualified 15 receivers and 14 transmitters, including National receivers NC-101X, NC-173, NC-200, FB7, HRO, NC-303, HRO-5TA1, and my novice receiver HRO-50, and including my Millen 90800 transmitter and my reconstructed novice transmitter, a homebrew 6AG7/6146 built in to a BC-375 tuning unit.  My CW age multiplier was 1839 years, so my CW score was 54 x 1839 = 99306.  Bonus points for a National Receiver, a Millen Transmitter, and my Novice Receiver and Transmitter should add another 4000 points, so my total CW score was 103,306.

  On SSB I made 14 QSOs on 20 and 6 on 40.  I qualified 5 receivers and transmitters and 1 transceiver with an age multiplier of 607 years.  My SSB score was 20 x 607 = 12140.  (One of my SSB receivers was a National NC-303, but I don't think you want to add bonus points for a National receiver more than once.)

  On AM I made 14 QSOs with 2 receivers (HRO-50 and NC-101X) and 3 transmitters with an age multiplier of 321 years.  My AM score was 14 x 321 = 4494.

  The equipment I qualified on all modes is as follows.  Receivers: 75A3, HQ-170A, NC-303, 75A4, R4B, NC-101X, NC-173, RME-69, NC-200, FB7, HRO, BC454/BC453, SX-28A, HRO-5TA1, HQ-129x, and HRO-50.  Transmitters: El;sico SSB-100, Heath SB-400, B&W-6100, Central Electronics 100V, T4X, Millen 90800, CB&52209 (Navy BC457), TBS-50C/D, 1940 Meissner Signal Shifter, Valiant, DX-100, Viking 1, HT-20, Knight T-150, Globe King 275, 32V3, and Home Brew 6AG7/6146.    I had lots of fun.  I wish I had heard more CXers on the air, but it was still a great time! .

  Jim, W8KGI.

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K3KYR Jeff

Another CX has come and gone, and I believe each event brings out new enthusiasts of vintage gear. Perhaps some of who have had gear stored for years and now find the excuse they need to dust them off.

QRM levels were moderate, with mainly the SKCC guys active, contest wise,  and perhaps a state qso party. Of the stations worked, 85 percent were using vintage gear, ranging from the 40's to the early 80's.

I managed to work 7 operators a total of 33 times, with Mario N2AK leading the way with 9 contacts, N2BE John 6, K4JYS Bill and N2ATB Tony 5 each, and W8KYD Ron and K4BSK Earl 3 each.

WW2LST Pery twice while he and the crew were navagating the Great Lakes. WW2LST in normally docked in Evansville, In.

My one CX dx contact was with DK3UZ Eddi from Hamburg, running a Viking Ranger and Siemans E 311 receiver.

While using some transmitters with crystals, I often heard stations in my receiver pass band, who were off frequency enough they couldn't hear me calling them. This happened with N2ATB several times. Some of the receivers I was using allowed me to hear stations 5 or more kcs off my transmit frequency. Obviously stations with tighter filtering just cannot hear stations that far off frequency.

A list of my 15 stations:
Ten Tec Century 21
Knight T 60 / Lafayette HE 80
Knight T 150A / Hammarlund HQ 110A VHF
E.F.Johnson Ranger 2 / Hammarlund HQ 170
Heath HW 16 ( #1 )
Heath MT-1 / MR-1
Heath AT-1 / Allied 2516
Eico 720 / Hammarlund 110C
Heath DX 20 / National NC 109
Heath HW 16 ( #2 )
Heath DX 60A / HR 10B

Hallicrafters HT 40 / S 40B
Yaesu Twins FL 101 / FR 101
Heath DX 60 / HR 10
Heath HW 8

Total years of age for the 15 stations is 1381 years X 65 contacts = 89,765 points. A big thank you to you Mac for all your efforts.


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K2RP Ron

Hi Mac....

  Sorry to be so late in sending this.  Couldn't get around to it! Had fun, but had business trips in between, so didn't have the energy to switch some of the heavy stuff around!

  I usually count on Jim for lots of CW QSOs, but he was busy with others, so CW score not too impressive.

  Do we have dates for the next one?
Please let me know that you got this ok!

Thanks for all you do

Ron K2RP

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WU2D Mike

Hi Mac,

  Well I attempted to put everything in the shack capable of 80 or 40M on the air for the CW contest. I failed. I figure I did not get my Apache (under restortation), a military GRC-9 backpack, an old homebrew QRP rig and my Morgan one tube and 80M Regen on the air. But I got just about everything else on!  I will get my log pages off to you this week.  

I used an 80M inverted Vee and an inverted L long wire for 40M.

  I ran my novice station consisting of an ARC-5 and a BC652 Tank Receiver, and a 1962 Handbook 6DQ6 Novice Special, R390A, HW16, SR-150, HX-10, 51J3, ARC2A(Collins first xcvr), ART13, SP400SX, Paraset, WS19 MKII (a rare RCA 1942 version), TCS Pair, BC-AR430 Aircraft transmitter and my BC348. Three of the radios had dynamotors spinning. 

  I think I had the most fun with the Paraset and the WS-19. The Paraset is a WW2 spy radio (homebrew copy) with three tubes, one 6V6 xtal oscillator for 5W out and two 6SK7 tubes in a clever regen. I ran three Q's very easily with it. The WS-19 is really the first modern xcvr with a single tuning knob and RIT, developed by PYE in England at the outset of the War in 1939. It was really working great.

Being my first time, Tony and Mario set me straight, telling me I had to completely send all data with each QSO like name QTH etc- even though I contacted several folks, several times using different combos and gear.

    73's Mike WU2D

WU2D CW Stations

Three band Oscillator for the Novice 6DQ6 (1957 ARRL Handbook and My Novice Rig)
This was later upgraded to include a 6AG7 Oscillator and I used it on 40M and 15M as a 17 year old Novice in 1973. TX Year Multiplier based on article 53. Plus Novice Bonus.
Wells Gardner BC348-Q Actually I used this as a Novice but it was owned by my best friend. The dynamotor is sweetly silent. 1943 Year multiplier 67.

Western Electric ARC-5 1944 – This was my first purchased Novice rig from Fair Radio Sales. I actually used this as a bootleg station using my best friends call as my Novice ticket was “in the mail”. Never lost the love of the ARC-5’s. Multiplier 66.
Stewart Warner R390A – 1960 Vintage – Mult 50.

Heath HW-16 1969 All apart on table- restoration in progress. Mult. 41, 41.

Hallicrafters SR150 Xcvr – First commercial radio with RIT. 1962 Mult. 48, 48.

Heath HX10 Marauder 1962 Mult 48, Collins 51J3 1954 Mult 56.

Collins ARC2A - Collins first Xcvr 1952 Dynamotor screams! Perfect CW tone. Mult. 58, 58.

Collins TCS TX Collins TCS RX (Pair) 1942 Something happened to the oscillator since I last used it and it was a mess – very flavorful on 40M and 80M jumping around. This thing used to be solid on CW. RX Wide as Barn. 1942 Mult. 68, 68

Paraset Whaddon Mark VII– A wonderful radio and a copy of the classic Spy Radio of British design. I have actually worked Germany on this set on 80M. One 6V6 oscillator at 5W out and a two tube (6SK7) Regen RX which is HOT. I had all kinds of fun with this. 1941 Mult 69, 69.

Western Electric BC AR430 Pre Command set fighter transmitter (2 VT25A’s in a MOPA for 15W). Chirps nicely. 1941 Mult. 69, RX General Electric BC 652 Tank Receiver – This was actually used in my pre-novice and novice days to learn the code and mated with my 80M ARC-5(2-6 MHz coverage only) Dynamotor humming. 1942 Mult 68. Plus Novice Bonus.

RCA Wireless Set 19 (Developed by PYE Electric in the UK in 1939 for British and protectorate Armor but mine is 1942 and USA made) 18W out with an 807 Final. This is the first real Xcvr., first COTS Design in the military using radio and “TV” tubes. Single Knob tuning, RIT and a built in Intercom and second UHF Xcvr. for short range communications from the tank. Favorite station of contest to operate. Mult 68, 68.

Collins ART13B 1944 Mult 66 RX Hammarlund Super Pro SP400 SX 1947 Mult 63 plus Bonus

. CX Mult: 1310
43 CW Contacts
Score Summary
CW : 43 X 1310 = 56, 330
1000 Bonus for using Hammarlund RX
2000 Novice Station types, ARC-5 and 6DQ6 Homebrew.

TOTAL CW: 59, 330

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N6KN Rocco

Mac, Here are my CX notes - score sheets to follow by snail mail.

CW Notes: 
Skip was very, very long and strange for this weekend in CA.  Put SB-220 on Drake C Line twins to "guarantee" some results on 40, but it wasn't enough.  Made a couple of Q's early in the morning on 40, then tried 20.  20 was wide open - to Europe, and nowhere else (this is very unusual for the West Coast).  It was fun trying to get the EUs to give me their rig info.  Finally had weak openings to midwest and east coast.  Jim, W8ZR, had a beautiful CW note with his Ranger II/Desk.  Ron, K2RP, was solid out here with his Heath SB300/400 combo and old reliable HW-100.  Nice to hear Mark, K3MSB's, BW 5100B, and Bill, K4JYS, on his DX60B.  Tony's Eico 720 was 599 from GA.  Lot's of novice type transmitters heard and worked.  Finally worked a few more on 40 and had to give up for dinner with the YL at 2355Z.  My own rigs worked OK after wiping the switches back and forth.  The old 32V-2 sounded better for some reason - perhaps it was the bug I used on it.   Total score: 11 stations qualified and 43 QSOs for 40,727 pts.  

SSB Notes: 
Had to run this from my Colorado QTH with limited antennas and lots of line noise.  Worked hard to get my "new" "less rusty" TR-4 on the air, and succeeded.  It's a nice rig and a Colorado native.  I sat on freqs near 14270 and called CQ a lot.  Had to work the event in between running around Denver looking for materials for our remodel on our "new" house in Littleton, so my time was very limited.  Did enjoy hearing Curt, KU8L's Cubic 102BX and Bill, KE9PAU's HT37/SX115 combo.  Bill told me his father was a Hallicrafters engineer and that he had an FPM-200 (sorry my own FPM-200 was in CA and NA for me).  I regard that model as one of the most interesting and unusual out there and am glad to have one.  Total score: 20 QSOs and 4 rigs qualified for 6,440 pts.  

So - had a great time as usual, and it's always nice to hear the crowd with the "unusual" boatanchors!  Hope the sunspots return soon!

73, Rocco N6KN

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K4JYS Bill

Hello Fellow CXers,

Another fun CX-CW has come and now the anticipation starts for the next one. The CX is one of the highlights of my operating. This year was no exception. I started out on 40 mtrs and ended up with most of the contacts on that band. I did make a few QSOs on 20 mtrs.. .working Rocco and Jim along with a few others. I don't have a very good antenna on 20, only a two wire beam at about 20 ft. high, but I do make a few contacts with it. I was having so much fun on 40 that I only gotaround to making 5 QSOs 80.

Like all of us, I sure miss Marty, AA4RM. Thanks, Mac, for you and your helpers in keeping the CX going.

de Bill K4JYS

HW-16(43) DX-60B/75S3 (43/49)

DX-40/HQ-110 (52/53)
Eico 720/Drake 2B/2BQ (52/49)
Knight T-50/HQ-150 (54/54)
Lysco 600/HQ-150 (60/54)
Homebrew 6A6 (1935)/RME69 (75/75)
Total yrs old (659)

CX-CW QSOs : 55
Total Age: 659
Score : 36245

Bonus DX-40 Novice xmtr 1000


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N2BE John

Hi Mac,

Once again, I find myself staring down the "barrel" of a new holiday season. I've been busy rushing around to get ready for winter; in case record boatanchor use brings us a proportional amount of record cold/snowy weather. In fact, I am counting on it. If the glaciers start pushing south again, I figure my house in northwest-New Jersey will end up somewhere on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Once there, my property taxes will drop to one-third of what they are here . . . YAY ! Come on boatanchors; come on glaciers; bye-bye global warming and property taxes H That brings me to another benefit of BA ownership and use, besides their obvious ability to stop global warming. You can pile up the BAs to your ceilings and they are TAX FREE ! Also, while there, they'll help keep you warm when the glaciers return. How can you not love that ?!?

Now that I have your attention (HI), Mac;

the CW portion of the CX was super-active this year, for this usually quieter fall event. At times, 40 meters sounded like the "SS" contest with all the CXers that were on-the-air.

I probably could have won a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest as I was constantly switching gear around in mostly one operating position. There will never be enough room and antennas to set up all of my stations at one time. Only the really large stuff, by weight default, claims permanent locations here. Conditions on 40 meters have really improved, and that has brought out the QRP and low-power stations in mass.

"WC" (W4BOH) was absolutely everywhere with his Collins "310B" transmitter, and consistently with great signals for about 10 watts of output power. He also gets my vote for the "Coolest Receiver" with his Hammarlund "Comet Pro".

Besides "WC", VE3HIH, WA3LKQ, KC8THY, W2IFB, K3KYR, K7KM, W73I, and KI6NTB all braved the activity-charged bands witti 10 watts, or less, of output power. Lots of fun and challenge; and you don't have to take out a loan if you fry a PA tube/transistor.

I had guests arriving from the mid-West in the afternoon of the FONE-CX, so I didn't get to do a lot of operating for that. I did manage to just qualify one station on AM, and one on SSB, though. I don't see why more AMers do not see the FONE-CX as an "event" for them. Many seem to view it as just another "59/73" contest, instead of the "laid back" QSO event it really usually is. I think more work in promoting what the CX really is seems to be needed here.

Mac, here's hoping the glaciers stay north of your QTH this winter, and that glowing filaments fill your home with warmth for this holiday season. Thank you for all you do to make the very unique "CX" happen.

Happy Holidays, -73-

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N2ATB Tony

Hi Mac,

I participated in both the CW and Phone portions of the September 2010 Classic Exchange.  This is the second time I have worked CX and I enjoyed it even more than the first one. 

This time I ran four radios.  It was lots of fun and I look forward to the next CX in February 2011. 

Thanks for sponsoring this fine event.  Attached are my log and score summary.

Tony (N2ATB)

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VE7BGP Gerry

NAME: Gerry Pement
ADDRESS: 5430 Big Bear Ridge
ADDRESS: Nanaimo, BC V9T 2K2

I was not able to get on for the CW session of this Contest this fall and was only able to work one station on FM this time.

I had a lot of fun mainly concentating on the SSB Mode PH in log.

If I would have been able I would have tried my NC-57 for 3 contacts on CW the week earlier.

Gerry VE7BGP

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W2JEK – Donald

Started with my Johnson Ranger I – Drake 2B combo but had more trouble with theRanger VFO. These rigs were used by me as a Novice.

Then qualified my Heathkit HW-8 and TenTec Argonaut 505.

9 QSOs x 259 Years = 2,331
Novice Bonus = 2,000
Total Score: 4,331

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W8TM Paul

Schedule conflicts restricted my participation in this month's Classic Exchange, especially on CW.  Although I had more time on the phone weekend, there seemed to be less activity on those modes.  Overall, my QSO counts were about the same on CW and phone.  

It was nice to work Mario/Dee N2AK multiple times on both phone (3) and CW (6).  Mike WU2D, Mark K3MSB and Bill K4JYS were worked twice on CW.  No one else graced my logs more than once by mode, mostly due to my low QSO counts.

All of my operation was on 40 meters, except for one SSB QSO on 80.

For this CX my equipment was as usual an SB-301 receiver (built by me in 1967), SB-401 transmitter (likewise in 1974) and a 40-meter inverted vee fed with ladder line.  The SB-301 is 43 years old and the SB-401 is 36 years old, for a total age of 79 years.  

My logs are attached, one for each mode.  My score grid follows.

Mode    No. of QSOs    Total gear age    Score
SSB         22                                   79           1,738
CW          20                                  79           1,580
Totals      42                                                 3,318 

I had no bonus points.

Paul W8TM

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KU8L Curt

This was my first CX event as I had just learned of the group a couple of weeks earlier when I made a CW exchange with another station during a SKCC Sprint.

  I used only three of the many rigs I have available since some of them are in various stages of maintenance.  I did not hear many other stations on the air although it seemed there were alot of left coast staions working a variety of events. 

I was first licensed in 1962 and still operate my original 1965 Drake 4A line twins.  I am in process of re-creating my original novice station also.

I am particularly active on HF CW but also am using rather old rigs for 6M and 2M meteor scatter, so anyone wants a 6 or 2 sched in classic, let me know.  IC551 on 6 and TS700A, S or IC211 on 2M.

Next time I'll have a few more rigs to try out.  A couple of FT101E's FT707, HW101, my Drake A twins, A couple of TR3's  and the TR7. 

The most "unusual" rig I run is the Swan Cubic Astro 102BX--it was a real milestone rig in the late 70's early 80's as one of the earliets fully solid state all band HF rigs. It was quite an expensive radio then and it had all the bells and whistles--dual PTO's, PLL LO, key shaping selection, REALLY good QSK, and variable passband tuning, notch etc plus digital readout.  It is a wonderful rig to listen to and gets great reports on SSB as well as CW.  Look for me next time on CW and SSB.  I might even jump on an AM mode for a couple but would prefer to find a DX100 or similar for AM. 

Thanks to the stations I worked and worked and worked :)

Livonia, MI

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Fun contest, but disappointing that there were so few station I heard using classic equipment. Only one using NCX-3 and another with a Drake B-line.

Next year I will have more time and perhaps use phone. No classic phone stations were heard on Sept 19.

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KD3UZ - Eddi

Hello Mac,

   here is my meagre September CX log:

2019 WQ8U    14045  569  "568 NC Mac T4X/R4A"
2205 DF4XB    3547  599  "599 Hamburg Wolf GRC-9"
2217 DM5LX    3547  599  "599 Hamburg Helmut SB-101"
2242 K3KYR    7044  599  "579 NY Jeff FL-101/FR-101"
2308 N2AK     7044  589  "559 NJ Mario Mohawk/Apache"

   The Viking Ranger is 56, the Siemens E311b 47 years young. If I correctly understood the rules my score is 5 * 103 = 515.

   I used either a Vibroplex Original Anniversary lefty or a Jablonsky FM32 sideswiper for above QSOs.

On 20m the antenna is a Cushcraft R7 30' agl; on 80 & 40m I used my Guywire Pyramid.

   Thank you for organising CX and for the adjudication.

Eddi ._._.
--        e-mail: dk3uz AT arrl DOT net  -  AMPRNET:                Linux/m68k, the best U**x ever to hit an Atari!

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W4BOH Wilson

Bands not so good here.  Made 36 QSO.

Ran wooden amplifier on 40, got lots of 599s

Talked to Mac, but he was going to bed.

Heard Jim, but he was running endless rigs and I got sleepy too.

Got the xtal filter going in the Comet Pro...did very well.  It actually sounds better on weak signals than the 500Hz filter in the TS-450.

Shut down 0100.


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N8OFS/P Andy

9-19-10  1436Z  KC8FNJ  Dick  55  OH  IC-746Pro
9-19-10  1536Z  WD8DFW  Ray  51  OH  IC-706MK2G

N8OFS/P = Kenwood TS-60 (14 years old), 52.525FM, 90W, 30' of LMR-400,
"Dominator" Vertical 5/8 wave @ 35ft on top of a Caboose...

Click here to see picture of the caboose and antenna  

Click here to see picture of operating position

Andy N8OFS GOT6???
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K3MSB Mark Do you want to enjoy the journey,  or get to the destination?    AM for the former,  SSB for the latter.    Each has it's place. Mark K3MSB Click to return to the Scores table.

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