N2BE Pictures Sept2013

N2BE JOHN's CX rigs September 2013

This is operation position #1, in the South Shack
The "permanent" residents are:
SX-115 / HX-50
BC-779-A / Challenger
Eico 733 VFO

At operating position #2 in the North Shack
the following equipment is "permanent": HQ-120-X / TBS-50D
HT-46 / Drake 2B
CX 20A; Drake R-4B; Atlas RX-110

Operating positon #3 in the North Shack
houses: R-390 / DX-100
NC-303 / GSB-100
SX-24 ? Adventurer (Globe V-10 VF)O)

This is operating position #4 in the North Shack
It is new, unfinished and located adjacent to Position #2.
Currently set-up and operational here are:
NC-270; NC-101-X; and HE-50 (10m AM); more to come.